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Editorial, J Mar Biol Oceanogr Vol: 10 Issue: 5

Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant properties of Actinobacteria originated from Marine Sediment

Maty Luna*

Editorial Office, Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography, London, United Kingdom

*Corresponding Author: Maty Luna, Editorial Office Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography London, United Kingdom E-mail:

Received: May 20, 2021 Accepted: May 27, 2021 Published: May 30, 2021


Secondary metabolites found in bacteria have a wide range of biological actions, including antioxidant and antibiotic properties. We isolated about 90 strains from maritime sediments and found that 7% of them were Actinobacteria based on biological activity. Streptomyces is thought to be a good source of bioactive secondary metabolites. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties were found in several Streptomyces strains and other strains. Antibacterial effects were seen against Staphylococcus aureus KCTC1927 and Salmonella typhimurium KCTC1925 in the majority of strains (those chosen for biological activity in this investigation). In DPPH and ABTS experiments, extracts of Streptomyces sp.SCS525 and Planomicrobium sp. SCS1153 showed high antioxidant activity. In NO and PGE2 generation studies, Streptomyces sp.SCS525 and SCS538, Arthrobacter sp.SCS553, Microbacterium sp. SCS1115, and Planomicrobium sp.SCS1153 demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects. As a result, Actinobacteria isolated from maritime sediments have biological activities that are promising. For optimal use, however, fractionation and additional characterisation of active chemicals from these strains are required.

Keywords: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory

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