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Commentary, J Plant Physiol Pathol Vol: 10 Issue: 2

Attractiveness of the Submarine Flow System, Compared to Free Water Surface and Land Flow Systems

Noah Louis*,

Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Universite Paris Saclay, Saint-Aubin, France

Corresponding author: Noah Louis
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Universite Paris Saclay, Saint-Aubin, France
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 28 January, 2022, Manuscript No. JPPP-22-59419;

Editor assigned date: 01 February, 2022, Pre QC No. JPPP-22-59419 (PQ);

Reviewed date: 10 February, 2022, QC No. JPPP-22-59419;

Revised date: 16 February, 2022, Manuscript No: JPPP-22-59419 (R);

Published date: 28 February, 2022, DOI:10.4172/2329-955X.1000255

Keywords: Water , Submarine


Mealy bugs square measure small insects of the Hemiptera and family Psdeudococcidae which may be found on decorative plants like mallow plants, Acalypha plants, croton, cassava and fruit plants like mango and guava. They’re sometimes lined with white soft substance referred to as coarse wax, and square measure oval in form with completely different colors like creamy, pink, purple betting on the species. Mealy bugs square measure sometimes soft bodied insects with distinct segmentation. The female person several live from 1-9 metric linear units long, however the common length for much currency is concerning 1.5-4 metric linear units long and sometimes with series of 1-18 short wax filaments round the body margin; those at the posterior finish square measure sometimes larger than the other. Inexperienced {acalypha|Acalypha|genus Acalypha|rosid dicot genus} – Acalypha torta (F: Euphobiaceae) is a decorative plant. It’s mature for the aim of beautifying the atmosphere and additionally for meditative functions. The plant has contoured leaves that square measure curl formed viridity in color with a creamy margin at the sting. It’s a notched edge with obvious mid-ribs and veins on the surface of the leaves. The linear unit showed vital variations amongst the instars thus the rationale for the distinction in Table one. The body breadth additionally showed vital variations between the arthropods except within the third instar. There’s no vital distinction within the length of antenna amongst all the instars. The length of style additionally didn't show any vital distinction yet. For prothoracic legs, there's vital distinction solely within the initial arthropod i.e. (2.30 mm±0.36 mm), whereas the second, third and adult stages shows no vital distinction i.e. (3.80± 0.32, 3.90 ± and 4.07 M ± 0.32 M, respectively). The metathoracic leg doesn't show any vital distinction throughout the various instars. There’s a major distinction solely within the initial arthropod in regard to metathoracic leg, whereas the opposite instars don't show any vital distinction. There have been vital variations between the four instars supported some characters like the linear unit, width, the prothoacic leg and therefore the metathoracic leg. These square measure smart characters or keys which may be wont to determine completely different instars. There have been no vital variations within the length of antenna, style and mesothoracic leg. Those characters showing vital variations in table one square measure diagrammatic with completely different alphabets signifying the variations. The plant parasite Striges is that the most economically necessary parasite in Africa. it's calculable that crop loses may be upto concerning forty percent; grain production is additionally compromised on forty four million hour angle in Africa (3.2% of the world’s cultivable land). Striga seeds square measure the most supply of substance. every plant produces roughly 10,000 or a lot of seeds every of that weighs concerning ten -5 g and measures concerning two hundred microns wide by three hundred microns long. The little brown Striga seeds will stay viable within the soil for fifteen to twenty years within the absence of an appropriate plant host the host plant. it's going to even be attributed to the effectiveness of the cropping system, that not solely reduced the striges seed bank however additionally exaggerated the element provide to the host crop, that manifested in a very higher yield. Gbéhounou and Adango got wind that intercropping with cowpea results in higher yield, which this could be associated with the advantages of organic process below cowpea cropping, yet as a discount in activity of soil nutrients by cowpea cowl. Dependent fixation, that depends on genus Rhizobium strain, might exceed a hundred kilo N hour angle -1 year -1 and therefore the element mounted is enough not just for the utilization of herbaceous plant crops, however can also increase the soil reserve. It may be complete that, as instructed by Kunjo and Jobe, the results of this analysis underscores the advantages of intercropping in reducing Striga infestation and up productivity of the system. There square measure presently thousands of created and natural wetlands worldwide receiving and treating a range of municipal, industrial, and concrete runoff waste material. The attractiveness of the submarine flow system, compared to free water surface and land flow systems, has been partially thanks to the perception of a diminished risk of nuisance from flies, mosquitoes, and odor, and larger efficiencies in terms of land usage. Historically, the created land system has been utilized as a terminal treatment element, wherever it's designed and operated at rather low masses for the aim of manufacturing effluent that meets varied discharge criteria. Soil utilized in this study was collected from Ayuthaya province, central plain of Thailand. The soil was dry and grinded into a regular particle size. Sand sample was purchased from the native ironmongery shop. The sand was dry and removed gravel and different contaminated materials. The mixtures of soil and sand were ready by weight basis at the magnitude relation of 75:25, 50:50, and 25:75. Soil sample was analyzed for particle size distribution by measuring device technique and particle was measured by sieving technique. Soil and sand properties square measure shown.

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