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Medicinal plants continue to provide valuable effective agents both in modern medicine and in traditional system. The doubts about the efficiency and safety of the oral hypoglycaemic agents have promoted a search for safer and more effective drugs in the treatment of diabetes about 45 such plants and their product are used for treatment of diabetes which is more effective and most commonly studies in relation to diabetes and their complication diabetes is the most common of the endocrine disorders. It is an important humanailment officting many from various walks of life in different countries.
Therefore there is a need to develop safe and effective treatment modalities for daibeties medicinal plants play an important rule in the management of diabeties aspective in developing countries. 
Daibeties is metabolic disorders which can be considered as major causes of high economic loss which can turn impede the development of nation. Moreover, uncontrolled diabetes leads to many chronic complications such as blindness, heart failure.
In Oder to prevent this alarming health problems. The development of research into new hypoglycaemic and potentially anty daibeties agentsis of great interest. This research present or review on same biochemical study of same plants used for curing diabetes.

Keywords: modern and traditional medicine hypoglycaemic, diabetes biochemical, chronic complication

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