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Editorial, J Polym Sci Appl Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Biopolymers - Nature’s Friendly Polymers

Hassan El Dessouky

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Conference Series LLC Ltd sincerely thanks for our wonderful Speakers, Conference Attendees and Collaborators; Biopolymers Summit 2019 Conference was our best ever!

Keywords: Biopolymer

Conference Series LLC Ltd sincerely thanks for our wonderful Speakers, Conference Attendees and Collaborators; Biopolymers Summit 2019 Conference was our best ever!

9th World Congress on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry" hosted by Conference Series LLC Ltd was held during which is going to be held on July 15-16, 2019 at Bangkok, Thailandwith the theme “Present Perspective and Future Prospects of Polymer Science” which got impressive response. With the support and guidance of Organizing Committee Members and Editorial Board Members in the fields of Biopolymers and astonishing presentations of all participants this prominent event became more impressive.

Conference Series LLC Ltd presenting 12th World Congress on Biopolymers and Biomaterials (Euro Biopolymers 2020) November 09-10, 2020Amsterdam, Netherlands which showcase the analysis and advancements, in conjunction with conversing new applications and technologies in Polymer Science.Euro Biopolymers 2020 is to provide a prospect for leading scientists, academicians, industry and researchers professionals from around the world to network and have mutual scientific discussion on the latest advancements in the interlinked domains of science, technology and business.

The Major sessions of the 2020 conference includes Biopolymers, Biomaterials, Smart Materials and Functional Polymers, Polymer Nanotechnology, Biodegradable Polymers, Environmental Issues of Recycling and Sustainability Models, Biopolymers in Energy Storage, Future and Scope of Biopolymers and Bioplastics, Trends and Applications of Biopolymers.

As per a report by IndustryARC on the global polymers market, its size in 2018 was evaluated to be staggering $666.6 billion in the year 2018. This market is foreseen to experience a noticeable growth with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1%. The global polymers market is getting majorly disrupted by biopolymers- one of the world’s most organic compounds. The categorization of biopolymers is largely dependent on its end-user industry. This market enjoys a varied number of end-users including some promising ones such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food and beverage industry. In the medical industry, biodegradable polyesters are extremely useful in manufacturing surgical implants. And in the food and beverage industry, biopolymers are primarily used for manufacturing cellophane sheets that are massively utilized for food packaging.

Bio Polymer field of fabric has helped in advancement in numerous fields of science and technology. The compound business has significantly developed and larger than the copper, steel, Al and a few different industries combined. Each natural and artificial Bio polymer square measure remarkably concerned in comfort and facilitation of human life and square measure liable for life itself, for medication, nutrition, communication, transportation, irrigation, container, clothing, recording history, buildings, highways, etc. In fact, it's difficult to imagine human society without artificial and natural polymers. In our ever-increasing technological world, science plays a vital role in providing solutions to vital issues of air, clean, and rich water, food, energy, and health. The attention of polymers and connected texts give each the statistics and insights of their higher understanding in our life.

The Conference Series Biopolymer And Biomaterials Conferences embrace research, Academic professors, Industrial Chemists, scholars who endeavor to disseminate their research experience to escalate the forthcoming research ideas. Conference Series Ltd Organizes 1000+ Global Events Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 100000 reputed scientists’ eminent personalities, as editorial board and organizing committee members.


Catherine Axton

Euro Biopolymers 2020

  • 12th World Congress on Biopolymers and Biomaterials
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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