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Review Article, J Biodivers Manage Forestry Vol: 8 Issue: 3

Challeges of International Cooperation in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Chunji Liu1* and Qinghua Li2

1Business School, Wuzhou University, No. 82, Fumin Third Road, Wuzhou, P. R. China

2Economic School, Henan University, No.85 Minglun Road, Kaifeng, P. R. China

*Corresponding Author : Chunji Liu, Postdoctoral of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Major: Environmental Economics, Business School, Wuzhou University No. 82, Fumin Third Road, Wuzhou, 543002, P.R. China
Tel: 8615210066612; Email:

Received date: October 10, 2019; Accepted date: October 25, 2019; Published date: November 1, 2019

Citation: Chunji L, Qinghua L (2019) Challeges of International Cooperation in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. J Biodivers Manage Forestry 8:2. doi: 10.37532/jbmf.2019.8(3).219


International cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faces challenges such as population growth, increased energy demand and anthropocentrism. Population growth and economic expansion has led to the increase in energy demand and greenhouse gas emission, which pollutes the atmosphere and causes surface temperature rise. It is important for people to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy, but renewable energy is not practical in technology in the transport sector, and renewable energy also has disadvantage. People need to transit to low-carbon lifestyle and establish environmental ethics, which are rules to regulate people’s behavior and to conserve the environment.

Keywords: Climate change; Greenhouse gas; Renewable energy; Environmental ethics

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