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Short Communication, Res J Zool Vol: 1 Issue: 1

Changing of the Climate

Khalidullin OH1*, Nurushev MZH2 and Duskaev KK3

1L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan

2Doctor of Biological Sciences, Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

3Candidate of Technical Sciences, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

*Corresponding Author : Khalidullin Oleg Khanysevich
Researcher, LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan
Tel: 717-239 39 80

Received: December 13, 2017 Accepted: January 15, 2018 Published: January 23, 2018

Citation: Khalidullin OH, Nurushev MZH, Duskaev KK (2018) Changing of the Climate. Res J Zool 1:1.


Adaptation to climate change means humility of mankind with natural disasters, approaching catastrophe. A person, maybe, will adapt to changing conditions, but how is the rest of the living creatures? Long absence of precipitation leads to fires, desertification of terrain and extinction of biota, as well as excess moisture and floods - to flooding. The authors of the large-scale study, published in the journal Lancet, warn that in the future the frequency of such events will continue to grow, and the damage from droughts, hurricanes and floods will increase every year. According to the estimates given in the study, for the period from 2010 to 2016 the frequency of such dangerous phenomena increased by 46%. A total of 797 such events were recorded on the planet in 2016. Another important factor is the harm to the health of the population. Extreme manifestations of climate change affect the spread of infections, expose people to increased air pollution and reduce labor productivity.

Keywords: Climate; Biota; Natural disaster


Each fertile hectare of land contains 20 tons of underground living creatures, which, together with plants and terrestrial biota, processes water, returning to the atmosphere its “record” in the form of a special structure of exhaled steam, evaporation of precipitates in a moderate enough dose. The water cycle mechanism developed by nature consisted of several basic interdependent and unconditional processes: condensation in the atmosphere, concentration and movement in the clouds, precipitation in specified places, movement and transformation of water in food chains, evaporation and consolidation of organic vapors. Each molecule of this pair has its own, especially individual, structure. The molecule of water from the organic vapors of living creatures and plants must be very different from the water molecules evaporated from the asphalt or the drying cup. It is assumed that a biologically structured substance, collected in the atmosphere from vapors of organic fumes, created a clear program for the distribution and schedule of precipitation. Such an idyll was created and perfected for billions of years.

The man took 63% of its land from the land to arable land, reservoirs, landfills, asphalted areas of cities and roads, and two-thirds of it was destroyed in the XX century [1,2]. We turned the water into a working reagent, forcing it to rotate the turbines, to carry warmth, to wash and dry everything that it uses from the laundry, to the car and the asphalt. Technogenic processes associated with water-pumps, turbines, pipelines, as well as heating, chemical, physical and any other influences-change its natural structure. Volumes of such waters can easily be imagined if we mentally summarize what passes through the turbine blades of hydroelectric power stations of the whole world, all water pipelines. To this, you can add moisture to the air, sucked up by all the engines, compressors and many other machines.

Confirmation that the water has a structure, and it varies depending on the impact on it, there are many studies [3]. It has been experimentally proved that water is also a self-organizing system [4]. In the circulation of water through the atmosphere and soil, it undergoes a certain cycle of transformation. Changes occurring in the water as a result of external influences are stable in time.

This means that water “remembers” the physical or chemical effects. The question of the “memory” of water is extremely interesting. The first studies related to “Informativeness” of water were carried out by Deryagin and Churaev. The stability of the results in time after the “activation” of the alternating magnetic field and during electrolysis through the filter-nucleopore was examined by Minenko and Evseev.

Speaking about the quality of water vapor in the air, we can assume that they pass through the cylinders of working internal combustion engines, where they are heated by hundreds of degrees, are discharged into the atmosphere with a distorted structure. How many engines, compressors, ovens around the world? Especially humid is the air in the clouds, through which airliners regularly pass from the turbine engines. The same volumes of air burn marine ships whose engines absorb the humid air of the surface of the oceans. In winter time, people develop huge areas for cleaning roads and squares of cities and other surfaces from snow. Sealing snow with wheels and snow removal also breaks the structure of snow crystals. This snow is also evaporates into the sky carrying strukturu. Neizvestno destroyed, what happens to the water vapor destroyed structures in the clouds, but it is assumed that, falling precipitation, diluted with ocean water, making its imbalance in the quality of the sea water, as well as on the parameters of marine currents. Thus, man destroyed the mechanism of natural atmospheric phenomena, created a new phenomenon on the planet of artificial fumes, growing daily with new technologies, increasing human comfort, increasing productivity of all types of production at. Artificial evaporation increases in volume and speed, dialectically created a new quality: the atmospheric environment, previously unseen properties, changing the weather and climate. It is known that: “Since the beginning of the XX century, according to UN experts, the increase in CO2 emissions was from 0.5 to 5% per year [5]. As a result, over the past hundred years, 400 billion tons of carbon dioxide have been supplied to the atmosphere only by burning fuel [6]. Annually people irrevocably take from rivers and lakes about 2000 cubic km. Fresh water, which is about 5% of the world’s rivers flow. In the 1st cubic km there are 1000х1000х1000 = 1000000000 or 1 billion cubic meters multiply by 2000 and get 2 trillion cubic meters or 2 trillion tons of water. We believe that all this water is in the balance of the circuit. As much it rises into the atmosphere. Therefore 400 billion tons of CO2 in 100 years or 4 billion tons per year is 0.2% in the composition of evaporation. Add to this the volumes of natural evaporation water from the remaining biota. Perhaps this percentage is even several orders of magnitude smaller. The Earth’s atmosphere is to a large extent a product of living organisms. Approximate composition of the atmosphere of the Earth: 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, varying amounts of water vapor (an average of about 1%), 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide and a small amount of hydrogen, helium, other noble gases and pollutants [7]. This is “an average of about 1%” - a long-obsolete figure and needs clarification. According to the carbon dioxide gas, it was calculated and determined: from 0, 038 to 0, 2%. The same studies on evaporation are required. In pairs of such an unnatural volume of water with a lot of different chemical elements in the atmosphere, some other reactions are likely to occur, and unlikely, this CO2 rises above the clouds and forms a “greenhouse blanket.” Therefore, the version about the primacy of CO2 in climate change is subject to strong doubt.) At the water we took away its most important link, the function is the transformation in the organic. Giant masses of water return to the atmosphere without natural structural transformations. Evaporation of water from asphalt, steam generator, from the kettle and drying dishes is artificial evaporation. They are not provided for by nature. As any change in quantity leads to a new quality, the reduction of one of the links in the water cycle on a global scale has led to natural disasters, the intensity and frequency of which increases every year and leads to the complete destruction of life on the planet. And it, the destruction, has already begun. Scientists have concluded - many species of plants, animals, birds and insects are disappearing from the face of the planet in 1000 again faster than the natural level [8]. This means that we lose 10 to 130 species every day [9]. The economic damage estimated by the authors amounted to seven trillion dollars. The scientists came to their conclusions by analyzing the data on 35 thousand natural disasters that occurred in the last hundred years, which led to the death of more than eight million people. Adaptation to a changing climate can prolong the agony of the planet for a day, year, decade. The fight against carbon dioxide, the transition to “green technologies”, alternative energy sources - all these are necessary, but far inadequate measures. It looks like the movement of a leaky boat with passengers bailing out water. A hole in the boat is increasing. With each hectare of a new landfill, a cut down forest, a new reservoir, a new arable land. It is necessary to understand and accept the closure of the hole - to return the ability of historical self-regulation. The circulation of water in nature should be from organic vapors, but not from artificial ones. The volumes of artificial fumes are huge and grow every day and at a high rate. Compare that it evaporates faster - water from asphalt or from the soil? If you pour over the bucket to and fro. The properties of water have not been studied. Water is not an unraveled matter. There are studies that state that water is not just a working reagent. Everyday, floods occur in various parts of the world. It is the reaction of water to the attitude of a person to it in a single chain of transformations. Unprocessed water, repeatedly falling into the shortened circulation - anomalous water, shows its unknown to us new qualities. Gathering in huge clouds, it’s ugly with typhoons, cyclones, storms, pouring out massive sediments, overflowing rivers, looking for a job - getting out on the ground, warns us. Creates new atmospheric phenomena, from which the weather and climate is formed. Thus, the true source of anthropogenic impact on the climate is artificial vaporization. Concentrated into droplets and forming cloud layers of increased volumes block the interchange of energy between space and earth, form the climate, weather and precipitation, according to an unknown algorithm. Urgent studies and confirmation of the proposed direction are necessary. On their basis, it is proposed to develop a new global concept, strategy and tactics, to rethink the entire population of the planet the nature of the destruction of the natural cycle. In order to preserve the habitat for our descendants, we must begin now to restore the natural evaporation - the basis of the universe. “The main environmental task of mankind should be considered not the reduction of anthropogenic polluting emissions, but the conservation and restoration of the natural biota of the Earth. This preservation must be accompanied by a complete cessation of the further destruction of the natural biota [10].

The basis of the new concept:

It is necessary to completely revise the strategy for the development of the electric power industry. A complete ban on the design and construction of new dam power stations with the flooding of riverine areas. Struggling with the emission of carbon dioxide, many governments are designing and building many new hydroelectric power stations with the flooding of vast areas. This further increases artificial evaporation. The aging dams of many hydroelectric power stations require reconstruction and repair. Strong water jet strikes against turbine blades destroy the water structure. Studies are required in this direction, which should reveal the influence of such structures on evaporation. There are many technical solutions to the damless hydroelectric power stations, many alternative sources of energy.

The existing dam hydroelectric power plants can be gradually converted to inorganic ones without the generation of electricity. Project for the liberation of fertile floodplain lands from the reservoirs of hydroelectric power stations.

Total saving in water consumption is required. Revise all production and utility processes with the transfer of water consumption into closed cycles. For example, why flushing in the toilet bowls produces the purest drinking water. Certainly there are opportunities to use waste water here, for example, after washing.

Reconstruction of agriculture, transition to non-plowing, drip irrigation, organic farming. Israel develops deserts, growing vegetables and fruits for export.

Termination of soil contamination by landfills and dumps and reclamation of existing dumps. Scandinavian countries are processing all waste. Creation of non-waste technologies.

Reduce washing of everything that is washed and dried. There are, and need to develop new, methods of dry cleaning of objects and surfaces, for example, cars, cleaning of asphalt pavements and roads.

Outdoor landscaping of buildings and structures. The walls and roofs of buildings and all structures can be covered with vegetation. There are such houses and structures. A new direction - vegetation can be vegetable and fruit. So that each house can provide its population with its product.


Gradual transition to underground and underwater construction, starting from the development of ores, dressing, smelting, obtaining a finished product - all this can be done underground, in the worked out spaces. If these are metals, metal products and other metalconsuming products are exported to the surface. If it is oil, then only the finished fuel rises to the surface. If it is uranium, then electricity is output. All types of production must be located underground. And then everything else, down to the dwelling. There are many retail areas and metro in many large cities. There are real projects of underwater and underground cities. For example, There are underground greenhouses, where every year green is grown [11]. Based on the materials of The New York Times, the modern rich men of America and Europe are already preparing underground leagues and villages with swimming pools, cinemas, gaming halls, hydroponic gardens, trams. G. Wells in the “Machine of Time” also shows the structure of life under the ground, in which there are no plants, arable land or dumps on the surface of the earth. Only general mobilization in this direction can restore natural evaporation and the natural circulation of water, the basis of the universe.

This is the only way to return a comfortable climate. Of course, all this is not done suddenly, right away. But on a reasonable scale, humanity must gradually come to this. And our duty is to leave our offspring a normal climate, normal weather, to exclude natural disasters. The hypothesis requires proof, research. The officially recognized hypothesis of an increase in carbon dioxide in the greenhouse blanket is also not proven and has become a dogma. The pursuit of CO2 reduction distracts the world community from the true causes of climate change and leads to the death of all life on the planet. It is urgent to cooperate new experts who will see the idea and organize a campaign against dogma. Our planet needs salvation.


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