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Commentary, Rje Vol: 5 Issue: 12

Development in Production Models and Solution Architecture

Dharma Rajan*

Department of Economics, Canadian University, Dubai, UAE

*Corresponding Author:
Dharma Rajan
Department of Economics, Canadian University, Dubai, UAE

Received date: December 08, 2021; Accepted date: December 22, 2021; Published date: December 30, 2021

Keywords: Economics


Communication Service Providers (CSP) are in the transformation journey to next generation cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing, Mobile cloud, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) provide the technology pathway to meet next generation application needs and be a revenue enabler to meet today's business challenge. Underpinning this is the virtualization of core infrastructure, be it compute, storage and networking. Virtualizing the key mobile networking functions be it for access network-4G/5G LTE, CDMA, non-3GPP Wi-Fi; transport networks-Radio Access Network (RAN), eNodeB, Content Delivery network (CDN); and Core networks - Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP Multimedia subsystem (IMS), VoLTE is now reaching a phase where high end trials and production level deployments are starting to happen. This workshop will focus on the different NFV models. It will walk through requirements that should be satisfied by NFV to meet the business needs. We will discuss the different architecture models, NFV standards compliancy from a design of Virtual Compute, Storage, and Networking infrastructure. The workshop will also focus on available operational delivery models the IT and Core network teams of a CSP need to consider successfully deploying and operationalizing for production. The key for success elements like operational transformation, carrier-grade quality, management, orchestration, automation and requirements that satisfy CPE OAM and P FCAPS, OSS and BSS mandates will be dealt with thus providing an end-to-end solution architecture. Finally the road ahead with opportunity and challenges will be shared. Audience will be engaged to listen and dialogue initiated to discuss and user experience they like to share or issues for which they are interested in discussing a solutions. This will be a very interactive workshop with ability for audience to share their experience and also learn about the right way to implement NFV

Impact on Supply Chain Management

For a long term, companies were afflicted by means of the gap between the advantages which supply chain generation has and the answers to supply the ones blessings. However, the emergence of etrade has provided a greater realistic and powerful way of handing over the advantages of the new supply chain technologies. E-trade has the functionality to combine all inter-company and intracorporation functions that means that the three flows (bodily go with the flow, monetary glide and records drift) of the supply chain may be also affected by e-trade. The affections on physical flows stepped forward the manner of product and stock movement degree for agencies. For the statistics flows, e-trade optimized the capacity of facts processing than agencies used to have, and for the financial flows, e-commerce lets in companies to have more efficient payment and agreement solutions similarly, e-commerce has a greater sophisticated degree of impact on deliver chains: Firstly, the overall performance hole will be eliminated considering that companies can pick out gaps between one of a kind stages of deliver chains by using electronic way of solutions; Secondly, because of e-commerce emergence, new abilities such enforcing ERP structures, like SAP ERP, Xerox, or mega inventory, have helped companies to manage operations with customers and providers. Yet these new abilities are nevertheless no longer completely exploited. Thirdly, era companies could keep investing on new e-commerce software program solutions as they may be anticipating funding return. Fourthly, e-commerce might help to remedy many aspects of troubles that corporations might also feel tough to deal with, which includes political obstacles or pass modifications. Subsequently, e-trade presents groups a greater efficient and effective manner to collaborate with every other inside the deliver chain.

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