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Short Communication,  Res J Opt Photonics Vol: 4 Issue: 5

EO and IR surveillance and reconnaissance system


In this paper, a multi-sensors, multifunction system is presented that is designed to automatically detect and track ground threats in a complex background. The system uses a linear-array CCD with TDI tech, a un-cooled IR camera, a visible camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder housed in a two-axis gyro stabilization platform. The system scans the battle-space with high-speed, capable of providing operator with real-time, 360 degrees imagery and targets cue. Operator bases on the imagery and information from auto image processor to gain situation awareness without over-burden. As a engineering prototype, many state-of-the-art commercial-off-the-shelf(COTS) products are used in order to decrease the cost of it. Following an introduction reviewing the problems incurred in design and usage of the system are described.

Keywords: multi-sensors

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