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Review Article, J Phys Res Appl Vol: 2 Issue: 2

Gravity is a Myth

Javad Fardaei*

Independent Researcher, California, USA

*Corresponding Author : Javad Fardaei
Independent Researcher, California, USA
Tel: 760-685-3949

Received: June 26, 2018 Accepted: August 21, 2018 Published: August 28, 2018

Citation: Fardaei J (2018) Gravity is a Myth. J Phys Res Appl 2:2.


For the first time in human history, you will learn about the accretion law of the gravity force in the quantum mechanics structure of the atom, versus the belief in an external force where a body of mass is the creator of gravity. I am presenting the unprecedented theory that gravity is inside the hadron that supplies all the gravity and unification among all the elements in the Universe. By knowing the principles of quantum mechanics, I assure that you will understand how easy it is to discard the majority of beliefs of a mechanical universe, not only the Big Bang theory but also the mechanical gravity theories of Newton and Einstein, and replace these theories with quantum mechanics gravity in the atom.

Keywords: Quantum mechanics; Gravity; Micro-gravity; Universe; Mechanical movement


The theory of gravity has been around for over three hundred years. From Newton to Einstein we have believed this theory that gravity is an internal force of mass, i.e., Mass creates Gravity [1]. However, no one has ever truly understood this force, nor have they proven its existence. I am presenting a new theory about Gravity from a quantum mechanics (QM) point of view in which Gravity is not an unknown force coming from a mass; but is, however, an internal force in the atom. When we look at anything surrounding us, it is made from atoms and the building blocks of all atoms are made of Quantum Elementary Particles (QEP). Therefore, to say a mechanical movement creates quantum structure is not accurate. It should be the reverse; the accretion of QM structure is creating mechanical energy. A solid rested mass does not generate any force. Furthermore, a mass in space is weightless as we have experienced for decades by sending astronauts into space. Therefore, the theory of gravity also does not work with classical physics (CP) in space. We have never observed any indication of gravity in the weightless planets in space. My observation of the two theories of gravity, on Earth and in Space, is that they are based on a faulty foundation and neither of them is following the laws of CP nor QM physics. The true gravity that I will begin to introduce is actually inside the atom and it is presenting itself in a QM form from its debut and, through the law of accretion, it is increasing its ability and force to reach a higher level and perform as CP. When we study this gravity, it does not exceed beyond an atom or molecular field. The variations of gravity just work on a quantum level and it extends through the law of accretion in the Universe to larger masses such as our Earth. This principle of accretion applies to everything that you can imagine. This form of accretion is the principle of the Universe. The Universe is built through the accretion of atoms which are built by elementary particles (EP) at the QM level. An atom is made of an unknown number of basic constituents of elementary particles. All Elementary Particles (EP) work together to create atoms and manage the atom, because the team work of these EP make it possible for an atom to interact with other atoms. A few atoms make a molecule and the accretion of molecules create a Quantum Mechanics Universe (QMU). As you can see, the Universe was not created suddenly. Everything was built upon and must follow the QM principles of accretion.

One of the basic EP in QM is the gravity force inside a hadron, which was discovered and then forgotten in QM for almost a century. The gravity in the hadron is following the Universal Relativity (UR) theory of duality, which you can read about in my book, The Quantum Mechanics Universe. The basic action and reaction in QM is starting from this exceptional force of gravity in the atom and it is presented as one of the fundamental elements of the DNA of the Universe. The general description for this force, you might say, the attraction force of one of the quarks and electrons, is called gravity which is inside an atom.

The Effort between One Quark and One Electron Creates Gravity

This is the fundamental description of gravity in the QMU. This force started from the smallest, strongest, complete unit of the Universe which is the hydrogen atom. This unprecedented statement is the basic foundation of gravity and is responsible for all the gravities that we know, and the attraction of everything that you can imagine in your life is the accretion of this gravity force. Everything in the Universe, tangible and intangible, is connected with this phenomenal force of gravity, which exists in an atom. Thus there is no atom that exists without this force. A few atoms with their gravity make a molecule; or in other words, the atoms are bonded together with EP of gravity to create a molecule. This same principle has been mentioned earlier as “accretion.” To extend the force of gravity, it can occur in all the fields of science (physics, chemistry, and math) and as spiritual energy as well. Because the basic rule of the Grand Design (GD) is that it consists of such energy and it can be shown as accretion, visible and invisible. It shows itself as visible and invisible at the same time. Its invisibility is in the divine nature of any species. If you ask any scientist who teaches physics or who specializes in gravity, “What is gravity?” He or she would probably pick up an object and then drop it to the ground, and would say, “This is gravity.” Or they might say that a larger object (or larger mass) attracts smaller objects (smaller masses) to itself based on the gravitational force that it creates around itself. This is the foundation and manifestation of Newton’s theory on gravity [2].

We assume the force that is holding us down to the ground allowing us to walk freely on Earth without floating in the air is gravity. That is all we know about gravity. We think the center of a planet (center of a mass) is holding this force. How this force of gravity is actually created on a planet, in general, is a mystery for all. What causes the creation of gravity? Or where did gravity originate from? No one knows for sure or has brought any convincing suggestion to the scientific community to answer these questions. In any case, gravity is not the only thing in QM that has a faulty foundation, but it is one of the major beliefs that have been integrated into our brain and blood for centuries that considers that gravity is an external force. Let’s start to question ourselves: is gravity responsible for the formation of the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe? No one knows for sure, but the theory that a primordial atom, which is considered a QM element that is carrying an element such as a “gravity force,” worked mechanically to explode and create the Universe does not make common sense.

Theoretically, one of the four forces in the Big Bang theory is gravity, which first has a hand in creating mass in the Universe and then it becomes dependent on mass to create the gravity; it does not make scientific sense and no one seems to know where this force is actually coming from. It seems someone must have made it up. We have to put it in our mind that this “force” never existed before creation. Based on gravity’s formula (that has been taught for centuries) this force is dominating all the science on Earth and we think this force must also be in the space of the Universe, but in reality no one has ever detected this force in space or has felt any indication of this force. Newton has stated that the center of a mass (like Earth) is holding a gravity force, and that the mass creates a gravity field. If an object comes into this field, it will be grasped by the heavier object. The majority of people think that gravity exists and that it is located under the ground where it is pulling everything down. This is what we have been teaching our children for centuries, this Newtonian gravity theory. A force in the center of the Earth that is pulling us down appears to make sense; however, it has some glitches and problems that scientists cannot figure out to this date. Newton theorized that if two objects with two different weights are released from a tower at the same time, both would reach the ground at the same time believing that the heavier object would not create more gravity with Earth to reach the ground faster. However, Galileo proved by his experiment of dropping different weighted balls from the Tower of Pisa, that gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate based on their weight. The heavier objects accelerate faster and the lighter objects fall more slowly. Galileo’s experiment is absolutely correct, but he related the experiment to the effects of gravity, which makes everyone think that the gravity force is pulling the heavier objects and accelerating them faster, while it is actually the mass or weight of an object fighting against the oxygen (or atmosphere) that make it go faster or slower. Furthermore, if two objects such as the feather of a bird and a heavier object such as a bowling ball, were dropped at the same time in a vacuum, both objects would reach the ground at the same time. This fact has been proven in a vacuum chamber where there is neither friction nor atmosphere. So the question is raised, where is the gravity of Earth’s mass to pull the heavier mass faster [3]? NASA made this same experiment on the surface of the moon by releasing a feather and a hammer from the same height on the moon, both reached the surface of the moon at the same time. Again, if there were any gravity force in the moon’s center, the heavier object should have reached the surface before the feather, based on the theory of more mass - more gravity. But it does not react that way because there is no friction of oxygen or atmosphere on the moon [4]. Einstein’s general relativity says that gravity pulling in one direction is completely equivalent to acceleration in the opposite direction. A car accelerating forward feels just like gravity pushing you back against your seat. An elevator accelerating upward feels just like gravity pushing you down into the floor. In both cases it is not the result of gravity pulling you that we feel in our body. What we feel is the result of speed versus our body weight against the resistance of body mass to the mass of the atmospheric gases. In a simple form it is the replacement of our body mass against the mass of the atmosphere. The acceleration upward in an elevator is the same; the mass of atmospheric gases pushes our body down [5]. Therefore, it is not gravity that pushes you back in the seat, it is the replacement of the mass of atmosphere (oxygen) or the friction with oxygen that is pushing you back against your seat. It is happening all the time, to a jet’s pilot in an airplane upon take-off, on a roller coaster ride in an amusement park, the forward and backward motion of a swing and the air pressure against your body and many more interactions of speed against our body weight because of the mass of air pressure pushing our body’s mass, but it is not the result of any gravity. All are the result of the action of speed against our body’s weight that is all. If we apply the same principle under water, the resistance of the mass of water would be even more effective than the pressure of the atmosphere. I am afraid to say that it has nothing to do with gravity as stated by Einstein. Another good example is in space, when astronauts are repairing instruments outside the space shuttle, they are moving at 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 m/h), but they don’t feel any gravity resistance against their body, because there is no atmospheric mass against their body in space. This perception of gravity based on actionreaction in these cases has been misjudged and is not accurate.

As an airplane runs for takeoff, it does not fight with gravity to get off the ground. It is fighting with oxygen or the atmosphere to lift its own weight off the ground. The speed of the airplane makes the airplane’s wings have friction with the air at precisely the right angle in order to fly. The birds can fly because of this same principle. We design cars and air planes based on their aerodynamic shape, or a hot air balloon is designed to operate against the atmosphere. Heated air is much lighter than cold air. The science of physics proves it, when an atom or molecule gets cooler, it shrinks. Boiled water expands and needs more space than cold water. The hot air balloon goes up, because heated air kicks out some of the cold air from inside the balloon and the balloon becomes lighter than air and it goes up. So a hot air balloon is fighting with air, otherwise we would not be able to make a hot air balloon fly if there were gravity pulling it down. Think of a parachute, the person’s speed, based on his mass, is increased until the parachute is opened and resists the air. Boiling water has the same mass as cold water, but as it is steaming it evaporates and goes up, because the steam’s volume is lighter than oxygen. However, when it cools down it condenses, becoming heavier again and comes back down. In the deep ocean where the pressure is high and water molecules are heavier or smaller than on the surface, any object will sink down only to the point that the weight and size of that object is equal to the same amount of water that that object is equal to. This is the physics of weight; and gravity has never been mentioned before in these experiments in any text book. The fuel used for the space programs is becoming more efficient because it has better propulsion against the air. As the altitude of the space shuttle extends away from the ground, the theory is that it should burn less fuel because there is less gravity; but in actuality it burns more fuel because there is less resistance to the air as the upper atmosphere gets thinner and lighter (nitrogen). This list of examples can go on and on with everything and the result would be the same. We are always fighting with the mass and weight of an object against oxygen or atmosphere. We think all the time that the object’s weight and its mass are two different things because of gravity, but it is not always true. Therefore the body weight of each of us is holding us to the Earth’s surface due to the fact that we are heavier than the atmosphere. All life will survive on the surface of a planet because the body mass of all species is built in such a way that they are heavier than oxygen. The result of this research indicates that there is no gravity on the Earth, or on the moon, and simply that there is no gravity anywhere, except at a QM level inside the atom. When we are looking for gravity in space, we get the same results because there is no gravity in space. In the last few decades we have never heard of any astronaut that has experienced any pull of gravity while in a space shuttle. If we study gravity and except that gravity is in a QM form, everything will be situated in its right place. We have never questioned ourselves if there is any other force besides gravity, yet we never paid attention to the results of all these experiments either. Furthermore, we did not detect that the formula was not working with all these experiments in the last few centuries. Or maybe we deliberately ignored the fact, because we did not know what else could replace gravity. It never occurred to us that the Universe is not mechanical and therefore must be a Quantum Mechanics Universe. We thought the gravity is a force that pulls objects to the ground, and we blindly accepted it, because we didn’t know better. Again there are thousands of clear examples that exist that we have never thought of before. However, deep inside us, we know that we do not feel any pull of gravity from the ground, and we all assume that if the Earth did not have gravity to pull us down, then we would start to float through the air. But in reality, it is just our body weight against the atmosphere that is holding us down. Furthermore, the opposite rotations of the Universe and the galaxies eliminate the torque of the rotation of the planets (the accretion of spin in QM), and it makes us stand up freely on any planet in the galaxy. Basically, our weight is holding us down on any planet. Some scientists believe that the rotation of a planet creates the gravity or a look-a-like gravity. The reality is that the rotation of the Earth does not create gravity, nor does the mass of the Earth. We have to accept the fact that a body of matter does not generate any force. Most scientists think that gravity forms when a planet starts to spin. As the spinning gets faster in space the gravity gets stronger. Like our Earth, they believe if the Earth stopped spinning the gravity would disappear or die and everything on Earth would repel into space, or if the spin were to increase, the matter would be more packed and dense. Newton said that a big mass (like the Earth) creates gravity and Einstein repeated the same theory, but he applied it to space. He said a big mass (such as the Sun) creates gravity that holds smaller planets to itself such as Earth and other planets in the solar system. In order to create this image, that mass can create gravity, he created a platform in space; he called it spacetime which originated from his theory of General Relativity [6]. A century has passed in which scientists have been puzzled by this complicated theory of the fabric of spacetime and the Big Bang theory along with entangling a Black Hole as the creator of a Singularity (not to mention superstring theory) and has confused everyone. When you review this collection, the mass that creates gravity is playing the number one role. The majority of this spacetime theory is based on the theory that mass puts a big dent on the fabric of spacetime and creates gravity on a curvature of the spacetime plane, yet this is more applicable to this physical action in spacetime, but here we are going to concentrate only on the gravity part. The most accurate and best description of Einstein’s general theory of relativity about gravity in spacetime, assumedly, is as follows: gravity is not a force but is a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass and energy. The result is that time lapses more slowly in lower elevations (stronger gravity) that are closer to the Earth’s gravitational force. Basically, the above paragraph is saying that the heavier mass (such as the Sun) puts more dent into spacetime and creates more gravity, and that it causes all the planets of our solar system to go around the Sun; and, also, that gravity affects the “time line” where time in a basement is running slower than in an attic. These two are the fundamentals of General Relativity in a flat universe. General Relativity is based only on our solar system, because it does not apply to other sections of our galaxy where millions of suns exist. However, some scientists started to believe that Einstein’s spacetime is not working in our solar system either. The fact that time is going slower closer to the ground verses it going faster at a higher elevation on Earth has been tested by the most accurate atomic clocks in the world. The results show that the same atomic clock does indeed run slower in the basement than in the attic. This differential in time was a very minor difference, like one over 1000nths of a second over a long period of time. To my understanding, the atomic clock should work differently in two different environments with diverse temperatures, because the clock is run by atoms. The speed of electrons in the atoms would be affected by temperature and the pressure of the diverse elevation of sea levels. On the other hand, the time delay of these two atomic clocks on Earth is irrelevant. This discrepancy is the result of two different environments only – not gravity. Let’s assume that the result is not the discrepancy of these two measurements, but at the end of the day, these two are under one umbrella of time. How could they possibly both go at different speeds in the same direction in the same mass of the Earth based on the same time dimension? Consider for a moment, that the top of a mountain is closer to the spacetime curvature than in a basement in the spacetime platform. It should therefore have the opposite result than that of Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, when we consider the gravity in space [7].

On the other hand, the “time” on Earth is a physical time, it is relative time to Earth only, it is a man-made time created a few hundred years ago, and the Universe was created billions of years ago with the TIME that created SPACE. These two times are totally different from each other. The am/pm time that we have on Earth is a man-made tool for the measurement of the passage of time only on Earth. We are using it for measuring when, how long, where and for our biological aging here on Earth only and it simply does not apply in space. If one day humans start to colonize the planet of Mars and live there, then the Earth time of am/pm would not have any meaning for them due to the difference in the rotation of the planet Mars around the Sun. They would have to create another unit of time for their own purposes. Unfortunately these two “times” have never been distinguished from each other. From the beginning of time-space’s theory of creation, it even fooled Albert Einstein, who is the founder of the theory that Time created Space. How could the Time that created Space possibly mix with a tool that we use here on Earth only for personal measure? The result: The Time of time-space is misrepresented and misunderstood. The Universal Time (the Grand- Design-Time) created space, but our am/pm time is only good for measurement on Earth. (See The Quantum Mechanics Universe for more details). General Relativity mentions that gravity is not a force, but at the end of the day it becomes a force to slow down Time. Einstein’s spacetime also says that the Sun, with more mass, puts a bigger dent on the spacetime curvature and by this action makes it possible to create gravity for the other planets of our solar system to go around the Sun. The result is that the Sun’s mass puts enough dents into the fabric of spacetime to create adequate gravity for all the planets in our solar system. This is the manifestation of Einstein’s theory on spacetime. The spacetime plane resembles a trampoline, so it is called the trampoline factor. The trampoline factor is when a heavier object (a sun) sinks more into the trampoline (or fabric of space) and creates a gravitational field for other planets. However, when we are looking at our Sun or at any star similar to our Sun, the center nuclear fusion of them are burning light gases like hydrogen and helium. The inside of any star is hollow and light. If you want to compare any sun with anything, think of a balloon with helium in it. This is the nature of any sun. The helium is a very light element in the periodic table, which is why it floats up in our atmosphere, because it is much lighter than oxygen. With this description, it means that the Sun is not much heavier than other planets in the solar system. It may even make it lighter than other planets, due to the ingredients of elements in the Sun, which has over 98% of the lightest elements of hydrogen and helium. As a matter of fact, most scientists have been lecturing in the last one hundred years, that if our sun burned out of fuel, it would shrink to a mass smaller than our Earth and therefore be lighter than our Earth. This statement is correct and makes sense, because if the Sun converted all its hydrogen and helium to similar matter on Earth, it would lose more than 95% of its volume. Remember the atmosphere of the Earth is part of the Earth’s mass as well and the atmosphere of the Earth has more density than the sun’s mass. It is obvious then that, at the present time, our Sun, by having a larger base with the lighter weight of hydrogen and helium, with even the same or lighter mass than the Earth and perhaps much lighter than any of the other planets in the solar system, cannot possibly put more dent on the fabric of spacetime than the other planets; and therefore, cannot create the “promised gravity” that would hold all the planets in our solar system. All the planets in the Universe are weightless in space anyway, due to the rotation of the hollow spherical Universe. And it makes the planets’ mass irrelevant. Don’t forget that this theory, that the Sun is millions of times heavier than adding all the planets in the solar system together, was calculated a hundred years ago when they did not know the contents of the sun and they thought the Universe was just the Milky Way galaxy. Postulation of the sun’s mass was made up for Einstein’s spacetime to work in a proper manner only. However, by knowing the contents of the Sun, based on today’s knowledge, this calculation is incorrect by far. Again, a lot of scientists started to question the trampoline theory and ask how it could be possible that our entire solar system, with its massive diameter (tens of billions of miles or km) around the Sun, go around the Sun using the trampoline dynamic factor. Because the assumed gravity, that the Sun is theoretically making with its weight on spacetime, is not sufficient to create this trampoline effect (hundreds of light years) on the solar system, even with the calculations of a hundred years ago. So the gravity in this regard is not working with the Sun’s mass at all. The result of the trampoline issue is completely irrelevant and it is incorrect. For example our Earth is just about ten minutes in light years away from the Sun, yet it holds its place in its orbit and is not affected by any gravity. To give you a better example of gravity in space, recently the astronauts performed an experiment with water while in the space shuttle [8]. As the water came out of a container in the space shuttle, all the molecules of water attached to each other and created a spherical shape around a wire object that the astronauts were using during the experiment. There is no gravity in space, but the gravity in the molecules of water held each other together. When one astronaut gently tapped the spherical water with his finger, the tapping force was sent into the center of the water and bounced back to the original point of contact. The water then extended out about 2 cm or about one inch off the original rounded body in slow motion, and then the extended water went back to its original position. Like an invisible hand, the water reached out and grabbed the extended water back to its original position. The water molecules held together. No one has any explanation for it, but it is obvious to me that the action is coming from inside the molecules of water. This action is QM performance and nothing else but the gravity inside the molecules of water. This spherical shape of water is also presenting that the center has stronger gravity force. And the center is the central intelligence of this spherical shape to send the force back to its original point of impact. Additionally, during this experiment, they pushed a small camera into the center of the spherical water. The water held the camera inside the center of the spherical shape. Why? Generally harder and heavier elements (the camera) always gravitate to the center of an object while the lighter elements (the water) stay closer to the surface of a round shape. This is the nature of gravity in the Universe and is the QM gravity which starts and then becomes micro-gravity in the molecule of water. This applies to the smallest elements such as water molecules, to larger ones such as our Earth or any other planet in the Universe. Furthermore, I believe that spherical gaseous planets transfer temperature to the center of atoms and molecules for interaction. This phenomenon can also be seen in all the chemical elements when they are in a liquid state, or any other chemical substance in liquefied form such as the metal family, like mercury. I believe mercury has an exceptional form of gravity that has special features. Another illustration of gravity that was conducted on the space shuttle was an experiment with dry sugar, dry coffee, and salt in plastic bags. After several minutes all the elements began to unite to themselves, (the sugar with the sugar and the salt to the salt…) and unified inside the plastic bags [9]. This is another phenomenal experiment that shocked everyone, but no one had the right explanation for it. This simple experiment is telling us that the Universe is a QMU with QM gravity, not to mention that it is round and spherical. This is the best illustration of gravity in the space of the Universe. The atomic gravity and microscopic gravity exist inside all the atoms and can extend to a molecule as well, based on the law of accretion. There is no other explanation for this experiment. It is part of the nature of the Universe’s opposite rotations with the galaxies that affects space and makes everything become rounded and united. Besides these remarkable experiments in the space shuttle, all the planets in the Universe are hard evidence of this phenomenon. This phenomenon does not stop here to create just spherical shapes. The QMU organizes all the elements based on their atomic numbers; which send the heavier elements to the planet’s center and pulls the lighter elements to the surface during their liquefied stage when a planet is forming. The best example is our Earth. It is round and the heavier elements are located towards the center, and the lighter elements such as water and oxygen were shifted to the surface as the Earth was in its molten developmental stage. If we did not have this phenomenal feature in the atom, we would not have this sphere of water like we saw in the space shuttle, because the hydrogen and oxygen have gravity force to hold each other - creating water. If we did not have the gravity force inside the atom, then there would be no chemical elements such as water, acids, salts, plants, and animals etc., anything that holds water. It means there would not be any chemical elements of molecules in the Universe at all. There is no real explanation for the interaction of atoms to create a chemical element in the Universe up to this date. If the atom did not have this gravity force, a hydrogen atom could not make any other element in the periodic table. We must put this thought in our mind that all the chemical elements that we have here on Earth, did not originate on Earth; they are the product of the Universe, and the Universe is following quantum physics from its creation. The Universe is a huge QM laboratory, so to speak. The gravity force inside the atoms holds each other and has a hand in the creation of different elements. Also, the mother of everything in the Universe is the hydrogen atom. We should not forget that all the gathering of elements in space are creating spherical shapes. Now when you see a glass of water…think of gravity force.

No Gravity in Space

We have strong evidence through our space program over the last few decades, that there is no evidence of gravity in space. In the last six decades we have witnessed that the objects in space are weightless, such as a space shuttle, satellites, astronauts, etc., as well as our Sun or any other planet in space. All the astronauts float in the space shuttle and they say that there is no gravity and that the body is weightless. There is no other explanation for this phenomenon, rather than stating that there is no gravity in space and that the mass of an object is weightless in space. This characterizes the entire Universe. One example is when the astronauts in the space shuttle are sleeping in a sleeping bag; if there was any gravity, then they would be pulled to one side or the other by that gravity. However, that does not happen. They simply float – weightless. Also, if the Sun’s gravity was so strong as to keep all the planets in their orbits around it, then why would a small space shuttle not be pulled in the Sun’s direction, or why wouldn’t the astronauts be pulled in the Sun’s direction as well, while sleeping or when they are fixing instruments outside of the space shuttle? All the planets in space have no weight; moreover, even though all the planets are weightless in space, they are still carrying mass. It resembles our astronauts in the space shuttle, they are weightless, but they are holding their own mass of their body via molecular gravity. Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity which states that the mass of the Sun puts dents on the spacetime plane just does not work; the Sun cannot put dents on the fabric of spacetime because the Sun, like all planets, is weightless in space; therefore, the gravity that has been proposed would not be generated. Albert Einstein extended his theory of gravity at one point by predicting that gravity would bend conventional light. In November of 1919, at the age of 40, he became an overnight celebrity thanks to an eclipse that showed the exact amount of bending of light that he had calculated, and was found on the planet Mercury. The scientific community confirmed that light rays from a distance were deflected by the gravity of Mercury in just the amount Einstein had forecasted in his theory. So Einstein got the Nobel Prize for this theory that gravity from a large mass can pull the smaller mass of photons. Unfortunately, this phenomenal theory of Einstein’s bending of light by gravity has been rejected by today’s technology. Scientists, working in this field for more than twenty years, took more than a thousand pictures of similar suns and planets like Mercury in our galaxy simulating this same scenario; but they could not find any gravity from these planets that would pull the sunlight [10]. This news puts the theory of General Relativity, that a big mass can pull a smaller mass of photons, in jeopardy. This is just one of the indications that gravity is not evident in space. Deep down inside of us, we all know there is no gravity in space, because we have all witnessed this phenomenon. But, a hundred years ago, they did not have this familiarity with space that we have now and therefore created theories based on their current belief that gravity existed in mass.

All these experiences are hard evidence that we have had in the last few decades and we should open our eyes and use this evidence for our benefit in our science. GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST….gravity is an illusion and does not exist in the Universe on a galactic scale. Gravity is an internal force, it is in the atom and molecule only and there is no external gravity force as we have been taught to believe. We can say that… “Gravity exists on the Quantum Mechanics level only”. In recent years some young scientists think that there must be some other forces that we don’t know about. But the big question arises, what other force exists that we don’t know, or how do we walk on Earth if there is no gravity? The answer is that the electromagnetic energy field that is holding up all the planets and galaxies in the Universe also allows us to walk on the Earth. The force that is holding us down on Earth is coming from this Electromagnetic Force (EF) from above. This force is pushing us down to the ground verses a force from the center of the Earth, or gravity, pulling us down to the ground. There are four things that help us to walk on the Earth freely. They are quantum mechanics gravity (QMG), micro gravity, the EF of the Earth and finally our weight or to be precise - our mass. The first two forces are inside the atom and molecule in a QM form, and the EF is generated by Earth’s friction with the space wave and the fourth is our body mass. To be very concise, all planets have diverse ingredients, size, temperature, variety of accretion of atoms, a unique situation of rotation with a Sun or without a Sun, gaseous qualities, and many more conditions that we may not be aware of. But when it comes to our Earth, the four things that are mentioned above are helping us to walk on the Earth. There are four different quantum gravities that exist, and each has a special duty that work 24/7 together to place every element in their exact location; but in the beginning, the conditions had to be right as far as temperature goes. Our Earth had that situation. When we look at all the elements on Earth, from the core to the surface, the heavy elements are close to the center and the lighter ones are pushed to the surface. This structure of the Earth, at present time, took billions of years of hard work of the QMG to put them in precise order. The forming of a planet is very important and intricate for QMG and micro gravity to perform their duties to put heavier elements such as the metal family in the center core, and then shift the life elements (lighter) to the surface of the planet, such as on our Earth that has oxygen, nitrogen and carbon on the surface. The weak gravity and micro-gravity organize and sort each element based on mass. Remember this interaction to create heavier atoms or molecules, is within an atom. The QMG is gathering and uniting all the same atoms together. For example metal with metal, water with water, oxygen with oxygen etc., so that the same atoms or molecules stay together. Then the antigravity holds them in such a way that they do not mix with the others. Next the micro gravity places them in their proper levels based on their mass from the core of the Earth to the surface. This technique of sorting elements by their atomic mass did not happen just to our Earth. This function started from the beginning of the creation of the Universe, in all the galaxies, when the planets were forming, with the right conditions, and when the temperature was right. This precision of thought in the atom is one of the original functions of the Grand Design (GD) and has been around since creation. The QMG is one of the elements that perform multi-tasking jobs in an atom. But today’s scientists have all but forgotten about this masterpiece of the QMP which is functioning on every level in the Universe and which is working based on the accretion of gravity particles from deep within the atom up to a galactic level. The gravity in an atom was discovered more than a half century ago, but it was never researched further due to Albert Einstein’s theories. The reason that they are ignoring this remarkable element goes back to Newton’s prophecy that gravity is made by mass. Einstein and Newton both stated that mass creates gravity, which means that gravity is an external force and it is not inside of an atom. This terrible mistake made everything up until now, even at the atomic level, become theory. Fortunately, I studied and learned about the discovery (in the 1920’s) of gravity in the hadron and I also know that the foundation of the world is based on the accretion of EP in QM. I am therefore connecting the dots about this remarkable EP (gravity) that functions from inside the hadron; and through today’s knowledge of the science of QM, I am merging it through the Universe’s perspective. Everything is connected together; there is no separation of anything from a non-composite element in the hadron up to the complexity of our Universe, because we are residents of a QMU.

Gravity is Unification

If someone were to ask me how do I define gravity? I would say that gravity has multi-tasking duties, but the most powerful one is that “gravity is the unification of the same atoms and/or the same molecules” in the space of the Universe.

What is Microgravity?

Two or more atoms create a molecule. Microgravity is like the little invisible hand of molecules or atoms trying to find a match with equal mass to be united. This is the exact task of micro-gravity. It is when some of the same molecules are attracted to each other, like molecules of water, acids, clouds, oil, string of carbons, etc. There are hundreds of experiments available that clearly shows this phenomenon. Basically, as the Earth was forming, everything was in a molten stage, so it was very easy for micro-gravity to put everything into their proper place. As you can imagine, to find an equal partner at the quantum level, in such a massive space, would take a long time to unify all the same elements together; and it did take a long period of time for these gravities to accomplish their tasks as much as they could. For the Earth, it took billions of years to come to this stage. The nature of the Universe’s functions are the same in all planets and it shifts all the life sustaining ingredients with a lighter atomic number to the surface; and if that planet has heavier elements, like our Earth, then the heavier elements go to the center core. Now you can picture that the same molecules or atoms are finding each other and are united. Like the molecules of water are connected and united. For this reason we see streams of water in rivers and falls. The same is true for other lighter and heavier elements on Earth. If we cut the Earth in half, we can see that the core consists of the heavier elements such as heavy metals, iron etc. As we move up towards the surface, the elements become lighter, such as rocks, dirt and vegetation. At last, even lighter elements of liquid, such as water, cover about two thirds of the Earth and above the ground and the water is oxygen and nitrogen. The Earth was lucky to get the best proportion of the four living elements of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. These four elements are lighter elements in the periodic table and we see them above the surface of the Earth. So it is very important for the light weight elements which create life on Earth to stay above the ground, and of course they must be heavier than oxygen or O2 to remain on the surface. I assure you, this is not an accident. It is the hard work of the gravity in quantum form that made all this possible. The distinction between my statement and todays’ scientist’s beliefs is that scientists are thinking the interaction between two or more atoms is not the gravity force inside the atom, but that it is the EF inside of an atom; but an EF inside the atom could not accomplish this multi-tasking job.

Electromagnetic Force

Thus far up to this point, since there is no gravity then there is no difference between weight and mass; but in reality there is a little variance between these two on Earth only where there is an EF existing in our atmosphere that pushes us very gently down, for our benefit. This very weak EF that exists on Earth helps the Earth in many ways. It compacts the oxygen to help us breathe better, distributes the carbondioxide around the planet to help the vegetation to grow and also helps us to walk upright on the Earth. No one knows where and how this EF is being created on Earth. Science has no explanation for it, because of the flat Universe theory and the emptiness of space without mass theory, and it does not give anyone incentive or motivation to explore new suggestions. The rotation of the Earth and its speed is creating a friction with space’s wave and makes the weak EF around its atmosphere. This friction is just the right amount of friction to create the right amount of EF. It has been mentioned that space has character; the wave in space is one of them. Scientists are saying, if there is no mass in space, then the space is empty; but I am saying that space is never empty. It is always carrying wave, temperature, character, and volume. Everywhere in a galaxy’s space, wave exists, because of temperature. All the scientists have a different opinion on this subject, but none of them think that space has wave (getting a picture from billions of miles away is through space’s wave). The Earth’s friction with the space-wave creates this phenomenal EF of energy that creates the North and South Poles. But scientists believe that the center of the Earth with its melted hard elements and the rotation of the Earth create the North and South Pole. The friction of planets with spacewave is creating two things. The first one is an EF which is depending on the speed of rotation, ingredients and temperature, but some cold planets (far away from a sun) also get some heat from the friction with space-wave to stay alive.

Since we live on the Earth, the rotation for us is in one direction, but in space it creates two different directions. If we assume that north of the equator is clockwise, then south of the equator would be counterclockwise and that is why the Earth has two electromagnetic fields. These two fields are located on the top and bottom of the Earth. It seems this force creates the right amount of EF of which everything on Earth, including us, is the hard evidence of this result. It is like hurricanes and typhoons, they are the same, but due to north and south hemispheres they have two different rotations; and the same goes for EF, they have two different rotations. These two fields are holding the Earth’s atmosphere like a large invisible blanket circling around the Earth to protect all life on Earth while going around the Sun more than 15,000 km/h, and rotating at 1500 km/h. By doing so, it is protecting us in many different ways. Most of all, it is protecting our atmosphere. The result of this action is that all the oxygen on Earth is distributed evenly all around the globe. It creates the perfect pressure of oxygen and provides the right amount of oxygen for everyone to breathe. Just imagine if Earth did not have this force, what would happen to all living things. So, this little force, that compacts the atmosphere, also pushes us slightly down to the Earth, while our body can enjoy breathing the oxygen, feeling the cold and hot, and balancing the pressure inside of our body. And most of all, our DNA is designed for such an environment. Now you can picture why we are walking comfortably on the surface of the Earth. I should bring up the fact that some folks think that this EF is actually gravity but it is not. This question has been answered above.

This invisible blanket protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the Sun and also repels small objects from entering Earth’s atmosphere. As we know nothing can stop the sunlight. When a good part of the sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface, it still travels down into the Earth’s core, where all the sun’s energy converges in the center of the Earth and heats the center core to millions of degrees. This energy has good and bad results for the Earth. If space did not have wave and Earth did not have friction with space, then we would not have this atmosphere and the result would be that nothing would exist; however, if something were to survive, it would not be like us. This EF of the Earth makes the atmosphere the perfect pressure for all species on Earth to breathe, maintains carbon dioxide levels for all the vegetation to receive the right amount of nutrition to grow and extends the GD of the Universe. This force has very little effect on our body, but it synchronizes the density of the oxygen levels correctly in order for every species to stay alive. Additionally, the EF is the sense of the Earth for many unknown reasons, but one thing for sure is that this force keeps the Earth going forward at a constant rate and keeps its body at the same level in relationship to its revolution around the Sun and keeps the Earth from harmful radiation. Yes, we are walking on Earth because of these four things: QMG, micro gravity, EF and our weight. Everything in the Universe is massive yet follows these simple laws of physics that we know on Earth.

What is Gravity?

Gravity is the fundamental building block of the Universe and QMG is one of the major elements of the creation of the Universe. Gravity has its own identity, which means it is not the product of any primary element in the Universe. To clarify the deferential between a fundamental element and a primary element is that the fundamental element was created before the Universe, and the primary element is made inside the Universe, like mass and photons. The main character of gravity in the hadron is playing as a conductor, coordinator, messenger, and composer with massive responsibilities; and finally this EP is following the law of accretion from simplicity to complexity in all the atoms and molecules. Gravity is one of the fundamental elements of the DNA of the Universe, but it has never been observed by our modern physicists. Before saying anything about the gravity in the hadron, we must think of an atom as a living entity. An atom can be killed by reducing the temperature to absolute zero degrees or in a very high temperature environment with low pressure. In a better sense, an atom is intelligent and can be a creator to interact with other atoms to create heavier elements with complex characters. Everything in the Universe is the product of the hydrogen atom. An atom (any atom) in the right condition can interact with other atoms to create heavier atoms or molecules. When this event happens, the structure of the new atom or molecule is changed, the shape is different, and that applies to its mass, taste, color, odor, ability, capacity, character, texture, interaction with other atoms, and likely many more things. All these elements in the Universe did not happen accidently. These rudimentary elements in nature are all the product of an original hydrogen atom and its offspring. Thus an atom is intelligent and any intelligent element such as hydrogen must have communication ability with its colleagues in the hadron. Gravity at the quantum level does several things, but most of all it communicates between the hadrons’ members. The gravity’s duty is to collect all the information from outside the atom’s body with the help of the electron and share it with all the members of the hadron. The information outside its body refers to temperature and pressure, or awareness of when friendly atoms or molecules are very close to it, or when some unfriendly ones come too close to it. All these conditions are reported to the center of the atom or molecule to act properly toward the above situations. To put it in better perspective, the information that gravity is collecting with the help of electron(s) must be very accurate and when it is shared with the quarks in the hadron, it must be precise to detail; otherwise it would not be QM. The QM must be well organized to create all the identical atoms to present that specific atom. Like all the elements in the periodic table. To give an example, when a molecule of water sees a molecule of water, they can merge; but when one is a molecule of water and the other one is a molecule of oil, then their reaction would be to stay separate. All these interactions between two or more atoms at the atomic level depend on gravity’s acceptance. Gravity’s force has the most mysterious and phenomenal characteristics in nature. It is an EP in the hadron; it is the most important element in the construction of an atom and molecule; it has supervision over all atoms; it is the messenger between hadrons’ members and electrons in the atom; it has a blueprint of the structure of the planets; it organizes and unifies all the molecules in their proper locations when the planets are forming. Without QMG nothing would have standard chemical quality, nothing would hold together as a molecule of substance; basically, nothing would exist without gravity. Everything in an atom would come apart, and an atom would not exist without gravity. The combination of all the gravities in the Universe allows them to do multi-tasking duties that none of the elementary particles can do. All the other elementary particles make a decision and gravity executes the orders and will keep them as they have been ordered. All the molecular structures of our bodies are connected by this force. Even I strongly believe that this force is going way beyond our imagination, and that its hand is involved with the accretion of the software of any atom up to a galactic level in all the elements in the Universe. Gravity is an integral part of the atom and it is an EP of the fundamental force and a constituent of the nature of hadrons. The major function and main character of gravity is to keep the framework of quality and the identity of the QM of an atom’s character consistently the same. Or at least it is 99.99% the same. For instance, all oxygen atoms are the same. This is not an easy task to unify all the chemical elements in the Universe and keep them uniform. I mentioned 99.99% the same is correct, because the fraction of one hundredth percent, make everything unique, even hydrogen and heavier elements. This is the way that the QMU works.

Just briefly, as we know, the mother of the entire Universe is made of hydrogen atoms. Again hydrogen atoms in the hadron (protonneutron) consists of six quarks, and each quark has a certain duty or duties to perform inside the hadron and each is responsible for specific actions inside the atom. Everything these quarks do are considered as fundamental and elementary functions. One of the quarks inside of these hadrons is carrying this force of gravity. Therefore, all the chemical elements in the Universe are carrying this gravity force. In a single atom of hydrogen, it is called QMG. When it comes to a molecule it is called micro-gravity, because a molecule is composed of two or more atoms. All the gravities inside of a molecule are working together to unify the identity of the same molecules; and meanwhile they are looking for additional peer elements to be united. This gravity causes an atom to hold itself as a single atom; and to extend this phenomenon further, it holds each of the same atoms or molecules as one unit (Unification) - like a family. The gravity of a hydrogen atom has control of just one electron, but when two hydrogen atoms interact to create helium, the two gravities of the two hydrogen merge, and create an organized complexity controlling more than one electron. This process of creating a heavier atom is a very complicated procedure, but all the pressure is on gravity’s shoulders to interact in this intercourse. The gravity can control more than a hundred electrons in one atom. For example, we see a group of oxygen atoms on Earth together and we call it atmosphere; or we see that a molecule of water held together on the surface of the Earth is connected by this force. Furthermore, we are witnessing this phenomena in every element, from light gases to heavier elements such as metals. This force has several unprecedented duties in the Universe that you will be introduced to in this segment.

Just remember the DNA of the Universe is smart, and this intelligence is composed of these simple fundamental EP that are carrying intelligence to create complex elements. The law of EP must function the same in the Universe as in all the sciences that are practiced. This is the QM law of physics in the Universe and it must operate in accordance to modern physics as well. Everything in the Universe is made of a few basic elements where the source is carried by the hadron of the hydrogen atom. The ones that we think we know so far are in an elementary stage, but the ones that make sense for me to consider as fundamental particles that exist in the Universe and that create tremendous infinite variety of elements in the Universe are these following fundamental particles: color, taste, odor, smell, gravity, mass, spin, gauge, gluon and a few more basic elements that exist and will soon be discovered. Just remember, some of these characters I have selected because the QM law allows me to do so based on the evidence of elements that we have in the periodic table such as taste and odor.

The Gravity of the Atom has Control over the Electron

Briefly: an atom has three elements - hadron, electrons and space. These three are working very closely together. The communication between hadrons and electrons is through the wave of space inside the atom. An atom has hundreds of imaginary orbits in the space between the nucleus and the electron. The first of gravity’s duty is to keep the electron in its orbit based on temperature and pressure. The speed of the electron is very close to the speed of light. Therefore it has a very high centrifugal force. The only force that can control this force is not EF, it is gravity, because the gravity can fluctuate its force based on temperature and pressure and keep the electron(s) at the right distance from the center. Furthermore, since it is an EP it is carrying quantum intelligence (QI). The QI means that each EP is carrying a certain talent to perform its duty or duties inside the Universe. Today’s scientists believe that the electron(s) is controlled by EF in the atom, but it’s not. Imagine a tiny mass moving at the speed of light (200,000 km/s) around a tiny circle that we cannot even see with the strongest microscope. It creates tremendous and massive centrifugal force. This force always tends to run away from the center. It is the gravity’s force which controls the electron at that speed on a corresponding orbit. It is one of the most wondrous of modern physics of QM in the Universe. Don’t forget that in some cases an atom can have more than one hundred electrons; the EF is not suitable for such multi-tasking. Because of this misjudgment, in every atom after the hydrogen atom, which controls more than one electron, the duty of an EF becomes theory. This intensive duty of gravity does not end here. The gravity is taking orders from the hadrons’ members at first playing as a messenger, then it is playing as a leader and the electron is a follower. It is the gravity’s duty to put the electron(s) on a certain orbit to equal and represent the character of the atom under a specific condition at a different temperature and diverse pressure. The communication of gravity with the electron(s) is coordinating with corresponding quarks in the hadrons; and in the case of temperature, it would be the quarks that create color, and for specific orbiting, it takes order from the spin’s quark. Each time that the atom’s environment gets heated or becomes cooler, the gravity assigns a specific orbit for the electron to go based on that condition and that temperature, because of the communication in these situations.

For example, the size of the same atom in various temperatures is different. The size of an atom is based on the electron’s orbit. Generally the size of an atom is larger when the temperature is higher, and the size would be smaller when the pressure is higher. This portion of knowing the atom is magnificent, for example: two of the same atoms with two different temperatures have two different sizes and two different colors. When these two merge with the help of these two atoms’ gravity, both would come to be the same size, temperature and color in a fraction of a moment. Don’t forget, the wave of an atom cannot be seen by the naked eye, or with today’s technology; but with today’s technology we are able to know the temperature of the atoms with special tools.

The Duties of Gravity

The first priority and basic duty of gravity is to place the electron in the right orbit. The second duty is to fuse a hydrogen atom, under pressure, to form a heavier atom. To put this wondrous event in better perspective, it is gravity’s duty to communicate with the other atoms’ gravity through their electron(s). If the condition is right (temperature, pressure, identity of the atoms) both gravities seize the right electron(s) of the other atom and finally merge with the other co-gravity and create a heavier element. For example: two of the same hydrogen atoms can merge (interact) and create one helium atom. This process is happening in a fraction of a millionth of a second or maybe less in the right condition. All these actions and reactions, quality checks, and inspections are happening within the gravity’s character. A small mistake or discrepancy of QMG will bring an inconceivable inconsistency to an atom, and the result would be disastrous in our periodic table and in all life. In order for two hydrogen atoms to become helium, is not an easy task. The transaction is more complicated than just merging. Two hydrogen atoms must go through a variety of tests and evaluations for a little while (Planck Time) before they become deuterium, then they unite and become tritium, and if everything works to perfection, the results equal one helium atom. This transaction might occur in less than a millionth of a second, but for gravity it is a long time. NOTE: When two atoms interact and create one atom, these transactions always have a little residue, which is responsible for some matter, such as dirt, that are not chemical elements, yet they are excellent conductors for supporting life elements, because at one time they were part of an atom. As it has been mentioned, each atom has mass and each mass is carrying intelligence to create, not to destroy. This intellectual property was created before the creation of the Universe. It is in Mother Nature and the gravity has that duty and is carrying this responsibility.

The third duty of gravity is that the gravity of an atom or molecule under normal conditions helps all the peer atoms and molecules become united as a group. Again this phenomenon of intellectual property is part of the constituents of an elementary function before the creation of the Universe; which is the gravity’s duty to unite the same atoms together. All the same elements in nature, whether they are liquids or gases, when they are close together (gravity’s field), become united. If two masses of the same atom get close enough to each other’s gravity field, then they pull each other’s mass of electrons and become united. You would never see hundreds of different atoms mixing together in one place. This intellect of atoms and molecules are a wonder of the Universe. If you remember, in the space shuttle, the astronauts experimented with a plastic bag containing two elements of sugar and salt, after a few minutes they united to each other – the salt with the salt, the sugar with the sugar. Similarly, Sir Isaac Newton mentioned that when two masses are in range of each other’s gravity field then they are attracted to each other; however, we are talking about two atoms, when they are in range of each other’s gravity field then they merge together, if the condition is right, because the atom is smart. This principle would also apply to the attraction of two or more atoms or molecules when they are in a gaseous or liquid form, because it is then easier for them to merge together as opposed to a solid state. We see it on a daily basis, like a molecule of water on a windshield on a misty raining day merging together to create larger molecules of water. When you see this…think of gravity. Unconsciously, humans started to know gravity inside the atom thousands of years ago by melting silver stone and golden nuggets to purify gold and silver. Still this process is used for many more industrial products. Another example in nature is that hydrogen (gas) is attracted to oxygen (gas) and creates the liquid water molecule; and to continue this process, two molecules of water are attracted together to create a string of molecules of water. This process is because of their gravity. Water is amazing and has exceptional liquid character that the gravity inside the water is acting in a special method or has specific gravitational force that can merge with the other elements easily, yet hold its own identity. If two molecules are not the same, in normal conditions, they do not merge, like water and oil. Two hard masses such as two metals cannot be attracted to each other unless they are heated and become liquid. This statement is also rejecting Newton’s law of gravity. The only way that two masses can be attracted to each other is in the space of a galaxy through wave-temperature connection via gravity force. When we study this phenomenon on Earth, all the heavy elements on Earth shift to the center, and the lighter ones tend to come up toward the surface. As we all know the elements in the periodic table have a different mass, boiling point, character, shape, size, diverse color, etc. The building blocks of the Universe, from a fraction of an atom to the Universe itself, follow this GD of nature held by gravity. The functions of gravity are considered intelligent movements in all the atoms, which means that each atom or molecule act differently based on temperature, pressure, the number of electrons, interaction to other atoms or molecules, and this list can go on. But when the physicists think that the EF in an atom performs all these duties, it is not practical at all; because the EF is not an EP; it does not have intelligence to do multitasking jobs and its function is just the duality of negative and positive magnetic forces only. But most important of all, even temperature or pressure would not affect EF, while all the atoms are affected by and react to these two elements all the time. QM is the framework of the entire basic element inside an atom where it is following the law of physics in that framework. As we know, in the hadrons of the hydrogen atom, there are six quarks, and one of the quarks is the gravity quark, which was discovered more than half a century ago. Now, my hypothesis is that when we delve into the hadrons, we will find that the gravity quark has six functions from which each task can be increased or decreased based on the situation in each atom’s performance. We could possibly find more than six forms of gravity, but the basic elementary function for the interaction of an atom with other atoms or molecules seems to have been answered completely by these six gravities. However, if there are more than six, then the duties of these six forms of gravity could be separated into sub-categories and narrowed down or show themselves interacting in some manner to extend more complex behavior beyond the actual size of an atom in real life. Nevertheless, to extend this thinking, gravity might have more functions inside the atom that in the near future we will discover; for instance an artificial intelligence complexity or accretion and creation’s vision, based on accretion. This is the beauty of QM that it gives me this privilege to predict something that has never been considered to even exist. But when it is proven that conventional gravity does not exist on the one hand, then the question is raised as to what should replace this traditional concept of gravity such as a force that comes from QM and can be traced throughout the Universe. The only character that would qualify for this major task that is holding all the elements, atoms, molecules, bodies of all species, planets, etc. together, would be the gravity inside the hadron. Therefore, based on the duality in the hadron, the distinction of each quark from the others and the characteristic changes in each quark, leads me to believe that these variations of gravities do exist in the nature of QM.

The Six Qualities of Gravity

An atom has a stack of six gravities (min.) of which each has a certain duty to perform based on the condition of that atom, and each can stand up and do the task. The gravity’s quark is a composite of a minimum of six different qualities of gravity. This unprecedented theory that gravity in the hadron is presenting itself in six different tasks, characters, accretion behaviors and composites of communication among other quarks in the hadron, makes me be very confident that these six gravities must exist based on QM behavior. My belief is in an accretion law in which each of these gravities’ performances can extend from simplicity to complexity in an atom. This is the pivotal root of the Universe from the foundation level of QM. Don’t forget that QMG was discovered in the mid-nineteen twenties. It is not something that was made up, it is something that exists in the atom. But because of today’s beliefs about the Big Bang theory and the assumptions that mass creates the gravity in spacetime, it has caused the scientists to be sidetracked from this phenomenal discovery in QM and has left us to forget all about this incredible element in the hadrons. I have extended and refined this remarkable discovery for two reasons: first, to improve the QM principle; and secondly, to show that the gravity in the hadron can perform intellectually on an intergalactic level in the atom instead of the theory of EF in the atom. The outcome of these two major thoughts would reject two of the main principles of physics and cosmology. Historically it would change the mechanical universe to a well-organized QMU, and the mechanical atom to an intelligent QM atom. These gravities are working exceptionally well with my theory of the DNA of the Universe [11], in which it has been introduced that the Universe had to go through a pre-staging period in the beginning of its formation, and furthermore it is presenting its performance in QM behavior to perfection. Since we now know that the real gravity is in the atom, let me introduce these six different characteristics of gravity in atoms. Just briefly, they are Short gravity/Long gravity, Weak gravity/Strong gravity, and the last two are Anti-gravity and Reverse gravity. These six gravities are everywhere and they are following the Universal Relativity theory of duality [12]. This exceptional theory of grouping the dualities of gravity did not come easily to me. It is the result of many years of study of the variation of quantum physics and quantum chemistry to finalize them in such categories that would do all these tasks. Just remember that gravity is not external, it is inside the intelligent atom and/or molecule only and also the different gravities have multi-duties. By introducing these six composite units of the hadron, quantum physics will be changed for the better, forever.

Short Gravity

The short gravity is also known as an interactive chemical gravity. It can be found in all atoms. Its implementation is to hold its electron(s) all the time in a maximum protective condition, and it is also involved in the interaction with other atoms. Therefore, short-gravity has two different functions and duties. The first duty is that the gravity has control of the electrons all the time. This primary duty of gravity, to hold the electron, is the nature of the gravity. Here the electron(s) is always playing as a follower. It can change its orbit at any time when the gravity force of the atom applies. This gravity continuously works inside the atom from thousands of degrees Celsius to minus 270 degrees or less all the time. It is holding the electron(s) in all different conditions, because if it loses the electron(s) it would not be an atom anymore. The short gravity can handle more than one hundred electrons in one atom through the law of accretion in the QM principle. This also is a strong indication that an EF is not able to do this multi-tasking job in an atom. The second duty of short gravity in an atom is that, when it is in the right state or condition, it is calling to interact with other atoms to perform and create a heavier atom, or to produce a molecule of a chemical element. This interaction is always a peaceful interaction due to their evaluation contact.

When two or more atoms or molecules get too close to each other’s gravitational field, at first the short-gravity of each atom or molecule evaluates each other before intermingling. When all the inspection has been completed, they determine whether or not to interact together to create a heavier atom or molecule of a chemical element. This process is happening instantaneously. All atoms have just one center, but the duty of the elements inside the hadron get more complex as the numbers of electrons in the atom are increased. Let me put this action another way for better understanding. In QM science I must say this unprecedented statement, that each atom has a sense of evaluation of each other at the quantum level by each other’s gravity. This is the only way that each gravity can appraise the other atoms by this sense of awareness or “smell” before intermingling with each other to create a chemical interaction. I called it “sense of smell” in an intelligent atom instead of saying gravitational field; because deep inside, an atom is smart (unlike a mass) and it can have the sense to detect other atoms to either act together or not; and sometimes they may not be able to create anything together, even though they might be close enough for interaction. To believe that this sense is in an atom, we should first consider an atom as an intellectual element in our Universe and furthermore we have to deem that the law of accretion does exist in QM. To appreciate and grasp this valuable part of an atom, we have to look around ourselves. Every chemical element is holding their identity to a maximum level without exception; because if an atom did not have this sense of evaluation between each other, nothing would be created. But since they do have this sense of evaluation, then all the chemical elements that we have and know have consistency. The GD is coded to create new stable elements all the time based on environmental conditions, and by this sense of evaluation it can extend to the outside of the atom’s territory. As you are observing, the short gravity has two major responsibilities that are different from each other. One is internal with the electron(s), and the other one is an external interaction with other atoms. These two actions are controlled from the center of the atom, but the gravity is just one of the hadron’s members that work closely with all the quarks; but its duty is to control the electron inside and outside of the atom. In one sense, this gravity is holding the electron all the time, no matter if it is inside or outside the atom. Meanwhile it is gravity’s duty to report the condition of the electron to the center continuously. An example for the first condition is that the gravity works with the electron just inside the atom. As we know when the temperature is going up and down, the size of the atom and the speed of the electron(s) change. The gravity based on these circumstances has to change the orbit of the electron(s) to create the size of the atom based on temperature and pressure. This is the basic and standard model of the short gravity’s duty to control the electron(s). Another example is when the atom’s temperature changes. Two things are happening, one is that the color of the atom changes and two, the size of the atom also changes. We cannot see the color with the naked eye because of the frequency of the wave length inside the atom; but it is possible to see it with a special tool that can detect the wave length in the quantum theory of light (temperature). The color is one of the fundamental elements in QM. When two of the same atoms, with two different sizes and colors, come to the short gravity’s field, they both become the same color and the same size. With this action, the awareness or sense of smell, so to speak, of the gravity is involved as well. Atoms always exchange the temperature and pressure amongst each other all the time. The best example is when we open a door. The cold or warm air comes into the house. This exchanging of temperature between inside and outside is handled by the short gravity through quantum wave. Another common observation of the performance of short gravity is when we are boiling water on a stove. It is very clear that the water molecules’ size is increased as the water is heated. When heat is applied to cold water, the short-gravity of all the molecules of the water share the heat. As the temperature reaches the boiling point, the heat is exchanged with oxygen as when we see the bubbles in the boiling water. At this point the molecules of water exchange the heat with the oxygen of the atmosphere, because boiling water is indication that the water cannot receive more heat. When we secure the lid, the water pressure in the container goes up and then the water can absorb more heat, because the pressure is distributed evenly across the water’s molecules and it keeps the size of all the molecules consistently the same. This phenomenon is telling us that the size of the atom is playing a role in the pressure cooker. All these interactions of gaining heat and changing the size of the atom is performed by the short gravity. Here I should also say that in an atmospheric friction condition, the pressure to an atom or a molecule would generate some temperature due to wave inside the atoms and molecules.

The variation of the temperature can reach upwards of 1000 degrees, and the amount of atoms/molecules can be infinite. But still all the gravities work together in a matter of a fraction of a second. We said that an atom without an electron is not an atom. This gravity is working very hard to hold the atom under very hard conditions. Two things can kill the atom or cause the short gravity to not be able to hold the electron within the atom anymore. First is at very high temperature and very low pressure when it applies to an atom; and second is at very low temperature and very high pressure. Both of these conditions can kill the atom. In the first condition the electron runs away from the atom and in the second condition the electron stops spinning. This is the law of physics that applies everywhere in the Universe, because the quality of the space in the Universe is the same. An example for the second duty of short gravity is that the short gravity is in all atoms, but it mysteriously can extend the gravity’s force more than the size of the atom for interaction with other attractive atoms, which in the above paragraph I called it a sense of smell. This interaction of an atom we are observing in research laboratories to find new elements in the science of chemistry. This gravity is in all the complex chemical elements that you can imagine from the friendly ones such as water to the most dangerous ones that we cannot touch or breathe. For example: The gravity in two hydrogen atoms interact to create helium. This interaction is when two short-gravities expand their territory just enough to evaluate each other at first and then execute the interaction. This intermingling is more than complicated, but it is happening in a fraction of a moment that even time cannot evaluate; the scientific term is called one Planck Time. At first the hydrogen atom becomes a heavy hydrogen or deuterium and creates tremendous energy compared to the size of the atom; because two nuclei with two protons and two neutrons must become one and create one helium atom with one center. Here the short gravity of two hydrogen become a complexity of short gravity in the helium by the interaction of the two hadrons to become one hadron, which means that now the short gravity has control of two electrons. This increasing responsibility in QM is called accretion of gravity. Just the transaction of two hydrogen atoms becoming helium is more complicated than I can explain. In addition, any transaction such as this, has surplus residue which builds up to become the dirt that we see on Earth or any planet with hard matter. By having said this, the mystery of matter on all the planets has been answered, because the Big Bang theory cannot respond to where all the matter in the Universe is coming from. Some matter is not a chemical element as you can see. They cannot interact with other chemical elements, but in some sense it can support and nourish life, because at one time it was part of an atom. After hydrogen, the three major elements in the Universe are carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. These three elements are found in abundance in the Universe, so the Universe is a huge natural laboratory for the life-hydrogen to create a variety of heavy elements. When two heavier atoms want to interact, it is gravity’s obligation to count all the electrons in its orbit for that specific atom. Gravity is managing dozens of electrons, or in some cases it must handle more than one hundred electrons in its atom. It is gravity’s duty to control all the criteria of the electron’s behavior, because the electrons are not all the same. The communication between electrons must be ideally perfect to hold the quality of that specific atom for an explicit transaction. All this quality control is on the shoulders of gravity. It does not let electrons merge with other substances that are not in its class type unless it creates a peaceful element. Imagine hundreds of electrons in a small spherical atom’s orbit that we cannot see, all are moving at the speed of light, and the only power that can control them all 24/7 is an inside short-gravity that has multi-tasking power. To me any mass in an atom has intelligence capability, but by today’s science it is said that this action is controlled by EF and they consider an atom as just an atom, not an intelligent atom. The second fundamental rule of short gravity is when two or more atoms merge to make molecules such as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom to create water; briefly, the short gravity’s function is to control the interaction of two or more atoms, or chemical substances, to create new elements. The more significant part of two atoms that interface with each other is not the electron(s) to electron(s); it is the two gravities that have the control of the transaction through the electrons. The interaction between two or more atoms have been coded by the GD. This big organization in the little space of the hadron act intelligently to each other, based on many criteria that their nature dictates. These two functions of short-gravity cannot perform their duties through an EF as some of today’s physicist’s claim. The EF in an atom is a theory that has been around for more than half a century, while there is no evidence of any EF in any atom, it is just assumption. Besides that, an EF is not intelligent and cannot perform multi-duty tasks as the name implies.

Long Gravity

Long gravity can also be called micro gravity. The reason that it is called long or micro gravity is because it is more of a peaceful gravity force. Its duty is not with the interaction between any atoms or molecules. It is more of an organizer and unifier than anything else. Inside each atom this gravity exists without exception. All it does is look for similar elements to be merged and be united. This action is happening all the time in the space of the Universe with atoms and molecules. For example: the gravity of a hydrogen atom is attracted to other peer hydrogen atom gravities and creates a cluster of them. This is the essential key of the long gravity’s duty to bond similar elements to each other. The astronaut’s experiment in space with water is a good example of this task, when all the molecules of water held each other in the space shuttle’s cabin. In the same manner, molecules of water are attracted to other molecules of water to create a stream of water on the Earth’s surface. This is the fundamental behavior of all atoms and molecules in the Universe that apparently are controlled by long gravity. This phenomenon can also be seen in a high wave in the ocean. Sometimes the waves can reach up to 10-13 meters or even up to 40 feet high, and sometimes it can create a tunnel-like wave of water. This action is created by micro gravity. Also when a large flame is erupting from the Sun’s surface, the micro gravity is pulling the large surge of flame back into the Sun. It is not the Sun’s gravity, so to speak, but it is the micro gravity that is doing this job.

The elements of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are found in abundance in the Universe, because micro-gravity united all these elements together. The unification of atoms and molecules is one of micro gravities’ duties. The second duty is to organize them when a planet is forming. The basic way that a dead star becomes a planet is very interesting in that, during its course, the hard core of the dead stars are made of heavy elements, and it is gravity’s duty to sort all the matter in such an order that results in all the heavier elements going deeper and closer into the star’s core, and the lighter ones push out to the surface of that planet while it is forming. The result, in this case, is that gravity is playing as an organizer and housekeeper. The long gravity merges all the heavier elements down to the planet’s core and then shifts the lighter elements over the surface. Probably without this gravity, we wouldn’t be here. All the necessary elements that create life have been shifted up to the Earth’s surface, such as all the combinations of carbons, nitrogen, and oxygen, because of micro gravity. As you are realizing, the sorting of all the elements on Earth is not an accident. It is so perfectly organized from the heaviest elements in the inner core to the lightest elements on the Earth’s surface. We are witnessing this phenomenon all over our Earth; we see bundles of certain elements together in a region, like water, oil, coal, metal and so forth. This little invisible hand of the GD and sense of the atom’s gravity did all these tasks. How the gravity knows where the center is or what is up and down is a mystery; but my instinctive feeling is telling me that the intelligence of the atom or molecule knows its direction in the galaxy. In addition the formation of all the planets in a galaxy is telling us that each galaxy has two forces of opposite electromagnetic polarity, like our Earth. As you can visualize, if a planet is forming in a high temperature condition, the micro gravity would work better to organize the elements and put them in the right place. But in some cases when the situation is cold, it is impossible for some elements to be in the right place; because some elements need a high temperature to be liquefied first and then be united, like the metal family.

Everything is made of chemical elements, but the long gravity has a force and a sense that can feel outside of the atom or molecule to detect similar elements to be united. Since we are built with atoms and molecules, we must carry this sense too. I have a very strong feeling that this phenomenon of nature has been transferred to all species of animals, plants and even to us. By knowing this phenomenon, humans can calculate the ingredients of faraway planets to see if any life exists; because the Universe is a QMU and everything must follow this concept. For example: We are witnessing this phenomena of nature all the time with birds flying in unison, hives of bees or ants working together, animals living together as a group, and plants growing better when they are grouped together. A cloud is another example, and pretty much everything in nature uses this unification of gravity forces. Thus, I would like to take this remarkable statement about gravity and extend it even further and apply it to the Universe. Since the source of everything is from one point, all the planets have such a gravitational sense to go around a sun to survive, and protect the sun from outsiders. Finally, with the help of micro gravity in space, the cluster of the planets and suns create gigantic galaxies. Just remember everything in the Universe begins from QM, and everything is connected together to some degree.

Weak Gravity

Weak gravity or merge (blend) gravity is the same, when two molecules of two different substances merge together, but they both still hold their own original identity. This is the most common one that we use all the time, when we mix two or more things together, like when we are cooking, adding spices and liquid. For example, merging water with any substance, it makes that liquid weaker. Another example is when we blend two different liquids together such as two different flavors of coffees, or wines, tea, sodas, etc. The ocean’s water is another example; all the minerals hold their own identities in the water and are therefore in this category. When it comes to water, today’s scientists think that water is an electromagnetic phenomena that has two ends; one is positive and the other is negative. That is why it blends with everything very easily. Unfortunately by today’s thinking, an atom is not considered to be an intelligent element; however, the atom is actually very sensitive and smart and acts immediately against temperature and pressure all the time, meanwhile these two elements are not affecting EF. Not to mention that the source of everything in the Universe is the hadron of hydrogen and the source should be logically considered as an intelligence. At any rate, they say this positive and negative EF, at the two ends of the water molecule, is playing a role in the QM physics; but by my standard, it is not EF, it is the weak-gravity. To reject the EF theory in this regard is very simple. There is no EF in any ocean water, but when we turn around and apply it to weak-gravity in a QM concept, it would make more sense that the fundamental elementary particle of gravity in the atom exists, while EF in the atom is still in theory and has been for decades. Weak-gravity is a space saver for micro gravity when a planet is forming. It will merge many elements together in one place. The ocean water is a good example of a space saver for a lot of different elements (minerals). The best example is the evaporation of the pure water from the ocean that becomes rain. It is common sense when EF is used, it must use stronger force to separate elements. Again the source of EF in the atom is already unclear, and to find a stronger force to separate elements from each other is even more difficult and makes this theory more questionable. But with weak gravity both elements can be separated based on the law of quantum mechanics’ physics.


This is the most mysterious of the gravity’s family, because this gravity, as the name implies, is not a friendly gravity. It ranges from a calm behavior to a strong and unpleasant conduct. In the very beginning of its exhibition, it holds the atom or molecules very exclusively and privately to each other. It protectively secures a group of the same elements. It does not want to share, or merge or do anything with the other atoms or molecules that are different. It seems, it has a sense of smell. It will not merge with anything, and if a thrust is applied, it gets wild and destroys the combination. The best common example of this gravity’s work is when water and oil do not blend together. This scenario applies to everything in the space of the Universe. Antigravity in an atom knows where and when to act. All the minerals in the ocean are another good example, because each element holds its own identity.

The antigravity is tremendously helping the micro gravity in forming the planets. This gravity, to some degree, does not let two different elements merge or be united. Meanwhile the micro gravity pulls all the same elements together and gives it to antigravity to guard them and keep all the same elements together. In this situation it is playing as a guard and it keeps them separated from foreign elements. When we concentrate on the anti-gravity’s action which does not let two different elements mix together, it is not EF. It is the differential phenomena of wave-like action that keep them apart; because when temperature is applied, the molecular action performs differently. It is very hard to distillate the ocean water to drinking water, because the molecules of water are holding many harder elements inside themselves. Furthermore, in an ocean water scenario, short gravity, long gravity, weak gravity and antigravity are all doing their task at the same time. As I mentioned before, different elements cannot be merged such as water and oil, gold, silver and metal, and the best example is the distinction of all the elements in the periodic table. If we did not have this gravity, everything would be a melting pot of thousands of elements together, nothing would be organized or be merged together to create other elements and therefore no life could be established the way it has formed here on Earth. In one sense, this gravity can be described as an atom’s or molecule’s shield.

On the other hand, the antigravity can go to extreme levels when two or more atoms or molecules want to interface to create something; but, the condition would trigger (push) the antigravity and destroy the whole interaction. The best example for this version of antigravity is a bomb. When a few elements distract the antigravity’s duty of guarding the atom and molecule, it creates an explosion of all the elements. We have to remember that the source of any action-reaction in physics and chemistry is starting with the name of QM. There are many more examples existing in our daily life that we know are not safe to mix together, like bleach with other chemical products. This is the basic nature of antigravity. Even in our daily diet we do not mix some foods together because of this antigravity, for the same reason that they do not get along together in our system. Today scientists have found many of these atoms and molecules that have very strong antigravity. Some of them we use for good purposes and some for bad.

Just remember, the intelligence is not limited to the things that we can see. This intelligent invisible character makes a constituent elementary particle an intelligent particle. It means that intelligence has many unknown characteristic behaviors in which each constituent of an EP is following their Quantum Intelligence. The gravity is following its instinct of its own binding behavior. Remember all these variation of gravities are unprecedented concepts and are new for the whole world and we really don’t know anything about them in detail. But, I assure you, they all are not limited to just the descriptions as presented here. They have more detailed duties and variation that we will soon discover in the near future based on QM principles. Therefore, when it comes to antigravity, it is not limited to just shielding gaseous or liquid atoms or molecule forms. My belief is that it has a hand in creation. It acts also in the nature outside the atoms’ and molecules’ body as well. It mysteriously acts in a different form in the virtual life of atoms and molecules, and ultimately it can extend the force to the planets’ character. It has a sense to not get close to something in the fundamental evaluation on a bigger scale. These actions and reactions and communications must all be through a certain QM wave. If the Universe is a QMU, which is my belief, then there is more to say about all these gravities; but at first the science of Quantum principles should recognize the atom as an intelligent element of the Universe. There are two more gravities that exist which are Strong Gravity and Reverse Gravity. These two are forming the suns in the Universe.

Strong Gravity

As the name implies, the atom has a very strong gravity force that can control the electron from the hadron from a long distance in a very high temperature, like in the sun. As we know when the temperature of an atom goes up, it will expand, and if the temperature goes to an extreme level of heat, like in our Sun, then an atom of any kind will break into pieces, which means the gravity then cannot hold the electron in its orbit and as a result the atom will break apart. The high heat, like in a sun is destroying any atom that we know. A sun’s structure is totally different than the planets in the Universe. We know suns are made of hydrogen, and that our hydrogen here on Earth cannot make extremely hot photons or survive in extremely hot temperatures, so this strong gravity must exist in the Sun only. Positively, in the very near future mankind will discover the sun’s hydrogen in detail, as far as size, comprehension of variations, and other characteristic behavior for usage of its energy in our daily lives. As we know the Sun’s temperature is excessively hot and in some suns the temperature is millions of degrees hotter than our Sun. These extreme temperatures need a special atom to create photons and to control the electron. The only gravity that can do this major task must be a strong-gravity in order to hold the electron at such a high temperature for tens of billions of years and to hold its original character as well. To extend the characteristic of this special atom’s gravity, the electron of this atom has unique texture that also can communicate with the hadron as well.

Reverse Gravity

The reverse gravity is similar to long gravity in managing the elements based on the mass that they have, except that the reverse gravity acts the opposite of long gravity. This gravity is pushing the heavier elements to the top and the lighter elements are forced to the center of a sun. As you can see, the gravity of this kind of hydrogen must be different from our Earth’s hydrogen, and that is why they are not attracted to each other. One hydrogen is creating life by creating heavier elements by its nature, and the second hydrogen is creating temperature and wave to keep the atom alive. For example: 98% our Sun is made of hydrogen, helium and less than 2% of other heavier elements. The reverse gravity pushes the heavier elements to the Sun’s surface, while the helium is pushed up over the hydrogen, and the hydrogen is held in the center of the Sun. The character of any sun is to defend itself constantly by pushing away anything that is approaching it with its heat. This tool of defense is hiding in all the sun’s rays.

The reverse gravity is working with strong gravity only, and both are complementing each other. The reverse and strong gravities are found in suns only. They are both working with a special hydrogen atom that is a little different from the hydrogen atom we are familiar with here on Earth. I call it Sun-Hydrogen or S-Hyde for short. (See my book – The Quantum Mechanics Universe for more details on the Sun-Hydrogen theory) [12]. As you can see, four of the gravities short, long, weak and antigravity are found in all atoms. Each of them in certain conditions will act to manage the atom’s behavior. The gravity in an atom makes life possible from the QM level to the Universal level itself, and when we think of the Universe, the Universe was made of the accretion of all these gravities. Gravity, as you see, is not as it has been represented for so long a time. The actual duty of gravity is intelligent behavior that is working as an internal component of an atom, not as an unknown external pulling force of objects that has been the accepted definition of gravity for years.


Four of the gravities, short, long, weak, and antigravity also work together as a team to create planets and to establish a consistency in the periodic table. And the last two, the strong and reverse gravity, are working to create suns and the photons to protect all the atoms in the periodic table. Furthermore, all the variation of the gravities and two kinds of hydrogen are all following the Universal Relativity principles. The Last Word on Gravity: I am sure there are more types of gravity that exist in the atom that are working in different forms where multielectrons and multi-molecules are involved that would extend their ability to create more complexity in the real outside life of an atom.


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