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Market Analysis, J Aging Geriatr Med Vol: 3 Issue: 2

Market Analysis Report of Geriatric Care 2020

J. Craig Nelson

Professor, University of California, San Francisco, USA, E-mail:

Keywords: Aging science

By 2030, it’s calculable that the US population of individuals aged 65 and over can double create up over 20% or concerning 70 million of the country’s population. Because the baby boomers enter the geriatric population, this has the potential to staggeringly increasing the nation’s already high health care prices. The U.S. population is “graying” at a speedy rate. As per information revealed by the global organization in 2014, it’s been calculable that by the year 2022, close to 35% of the population would be on top of 60 years more mature. In Europe 2013 the population of the EU (28 countries) was roughly 507 million. Projections show an increase within the European population of over 18 million (3.6%) within the next 35 years, with the population peaking in 2050 at 525.5 million. The median age in Europe was up by 8.3 years within half a century, from 31.5 in 1960 to 39.8 in 2010. It’s projected to rise by another 7.4 years, to 47.2, by 2050. The share of Europeans aged over 65 is projected to rise from 16.0% in 2017 to 29.3% in 2050. The Europeans population aged over 80 is about to rise considerably. In 1960 simply 1.4% of Europeans were over 80. This figure reached 4.1% in 2010 and is projected to extend to 11.5% by 2050. The center east can develop aging populations inside the ensuing few decades. Several factors have resulted in increased within the aged as well as improvement in living standards, the edge of disease, and also the latest breakthroughs in bioscience.

The World Health Organization estimates that from 2000 to 2050, the speed of growth of the population on top of age 65 is projected to be 4%–5%, and also the average annual growth rate of the oldest old (85 years and older) can exceed 5% in 11 Arab countries. The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing profound and speedy population changes. All countries in Asia and also the Pacific are in the process of aging at an unprecedented pace, though the timing and pace of this transition vary across the region. In 2016, approximately 12.4% of the population within the region was 60 years or older; however, this can be projected to extend to quite 1/4 (quarter) or 1.3 billion individuals by 2050. By 2050, nearly 8 in 10 of the world’s older population can board the less developed regions. This can be particularly pertinent for a region like Asia and also the Pacific.

Global universities related to Geriatrics:

• University of Groningen, Netherlands

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

University of Florida, USA

Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA

The University of Tokyo, Japan

• Osaka University, Japan

Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Major Geriatrics Societies/ Associations around the Globe:

• British Geriatrics Society

American geriatrics society

European Union Geriatric Medicine Society

International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics

Geriatrics Society of India

Japan Gerontological Society

Canadian Geriatrics Society

Canadian Association on Gerontology

Center to Advance Palliative Care

Southern Gerontological Society



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