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Commentary, Rje Vol: 5 Issue: 12

On Air Quality Diagnostics using Autonomous Environmentally- Power Harvesting Sensing Platforms

Ben Mnaouer*

Department of Economics, Canadian University, Dubai, UAE

*Corresponding Author:
Ben Mnaouer
Department of Economics, Canadian University, Dubai, UAE

Received date: December 08, 2021; Accepted date: December 22, 2021; Published date: December 30, 2021

Keywords: Economics


The hype of the internet of things versus cyber-physical Systems advent, as a relationship of competition, complementarity or else overlapping technologies, is bringing lots of attention, curiosity and treasure hunting. The polls, predictions and market studies projections are giving very high figures of enabled devices soon operational on the consumer electronics arena (currently, materializing at high pace) and of billions of dollars of investments and returns enticing researchers, developers and investors alike. On the other hand, the big data domain and how it is expected to get fatter with input from the foreseen large deployments of systems is expected to put more stress, burden and challenge on data analytics researchers, who need to provide smarter and smarter expert systems and data miners that need to filter out data and infer trends, patterns, and projections as accurate as possible. In this presentation, we start from real million US $ worth research projects, one just completed (on ubiquitous-heath monitoring), and one currently active and the third just started, on wireless networks of column sensors-supported structural health monitoring for early warning systems. These three projects incorporate and rely for specific critical situation on the internet of things, as a necessity, not as a fantasy. Thus, we give a high-level view of the technologies enabling systems and define the scope of when enabling is vital for an application/project. We emphasize the interplay of and cyber-physical systems by defining boundaries of each and overlapping thereof. Finally, we assess and define the essence of systems into the essence of systems into the big data.

Impact on Markets and Retailers

E-trade markets are growing at substantial quotes. the net market is predicted to develop with the aid of fifty six percent in 2015�??2020. In 2017, retail e-trade income worldwide amounted to two. 3 trillion US dollars and e-retail sales are projected to develop to 4.891 trillion US greenbacks in 2021. Conventional markets are handiest predicted 2% boom all through the equal time. Brick and mortar stores are suffering because of on-line store's capacity to provide decrease fees and better performance. Many large outlets are able to maintain a presence offline and online via linking physical and on-line services. E-commerce permits clients to triumph over geographical limitations and permits them to buy merchandise every time and from everywhere. Online and traditional markets have one-of-a-kind strategies for conducting commercial enterprise. Traditional shops provide fewer collections of products because of shelf space where, online retailers regularly hold no stock but send consumer orders without delay to the manufacture. The pricing techniques are also distinctive for classic and online stores. Conventional retailers base their expenses on store visitors and the fee to keep stock. On line outlets base fees on the speed of shipping

There are ways for entrepreneurs to behavior enterprise through ecommerce: Fully on line or on line along with a brick and mortar store. On-line entrepreneurs can offer lower expenses, greater product choice, and high efficiency quotes. Many customers select online markets if the products can be brought quickly at noticeably low fee. However, on-line retailers cannot provide the physical revel in that traditional retailers can. it is able to be difficult to judge the fine of a product without the bodily revel in, which may also reason customers to experience product or dealer uncertainty. Some other issue concerning the net market is issues approximately the safety of on line transactions. Many customers remain loyal to stores due to this issue. Security is a number one hassle for e-trade in advanced and growing international locations. E-commerce protection is shielding enterprise' websites and clients from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. The sorts of threats consist of malicious codes, undesirable programs (ad ware, adware), phishing, hacking, and cyber vandalism. E-commerce web sites use one of a kind gear to ward off safety threats. That equipment consists of firewalls, encryption software program, digital certificates, and passwords.

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