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Short Communication, Rrpy Vol: 0 Issue: 0

Personality disorders – who are we?

Soumya Sree Tangirala

University of Dundee Medical School, United Kingdom


Personality disorders cover a wide range of areas and it is quite hard to understand. I suffer from borderline personality disorder and its hard for me to even get the idea of things. Terms are given not because it makes you suddenly a different person but so it is easier for you to find acceptance within yourself. In addition to this it allows other people to gain an understanding of our complex brains. There is simply not enough awareness of how common these personality disorders are and how it affects us on a daily basis. This talk will explain the types of disorders classification, how common they are and some real life stories from myself, managing my traits of borderline personality disorder.

Keywords: Psychiatry, Psychology


Soumya embarked on a Gap year in 2018 and worked as a care assisstant in a care home and a support worker for autistic adults. 2019 she got accepted into Dundee Medical School and now is a 2nd year medical student.


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