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Short Communication, J Biodivers Manage Forestry Vol: 9 Issue: 4

Recycling Summit 2019 - Global 3Rs of Waste is the Core goal for achieve a GE

Shamsuddin Khaled

EnergyEnergy& Environment Specialist, Bangladesh


Global warming is already having significant and costly these impacts will continue to intensify, grow ever more costly and damaging, and increasingly affect the entire planet,so predict how much carbon may be emitted before reaching a warming target. . to reduce global warming emissions, hence 3Rs of Waste is the Core goal for achieve a Green Environment . Waste is a wide ranging term encompassing most unwanted materials, any scrap material, effluent or unwanted surplus substance or article that requires disposal because it is broken, worn out, contaminated or otherwise spoiled. Reuse Don't just bin it, could someone else make use of it. Recycle Can the materials be made into something new. Can Reduce the Cost of Waste Disposal Prevents greenhouse gas emissions Save Energy, Natural Resources& Reduce Air and Water Pollution, Provides raw materials for industry, creates jobs , Saves landfill space.

Reduce the amount of the Earth's resources that we use. Here addresses wide range recovery, reuse and recycling of solid waste recycling technologies such as Steel , Copper ,Lead ,Zinc and Rare Metals , Lumber ,Paper Plastic , Glass , Textile , Food and Catering waste recycling Chemical & E-waste, Industrial By-products , Carbon Fibers ,Construction and Demolition Wastes , Packaging , Material-Centric & Product-Centric, Large Municipal Solid Waste & Recovery of Construction and Demolition Wastes , as well as recovery and collection techniques ,recycling policy and economic implications, including the impact of recycling on energy use, sustainable development, and the environment With materials and environmental science to public policy studies and detailed analysis of waste generation, recovery, reuse and recycling was done. Recycling to Eco-, Informal Waste Recycling in Developing Countries Squaring the Circular Economy ,Economics of Recycling ,Geopolitics of Resources and Recycling , Recycling in Waste Management Policy ,Economic ,Information Instruments Sustainable Materials Management, EA.

Environment today contains colossal ozone depleting substance, so a greater amount of the bright vitality created by the surface winds up being consumed by the climate. Thusly, a portion of the additional vitality from a hotter climate issues down to the surface, earth's surface temperature rises. By expanding the familiarity with ozone harming substances, we are making Earth's environment a progressively productive nursery. A solid discussion is in progress over the degree and reality of rising surface temperatures, the impacts of past and future warming on human life, and the requirement for activity to decrease future warming and manage its consequences.We can, be that as it may, lessen our carbon impression all alone by following a couple of simple advances. Sparing vitality can be made a piece of our day by day schedule and it's a lot of our choice as customer.

We can search for home apparatuses with the Energy Star name during the hour of our shopping as they satisfy a higher guideline for vitality effectiveness. While purchasing a vehicle, how about we search for one with the most elevated gas mileage and least out flows. We may likewise lessen our discharges by settling on open transportation or vehicle sharing when possible. Let's voice our help for atmosphere inviting and environmental change mindfulness strategies, and tell clients and campaigners that progressing from grimy petroleum derivatives to clean power ought to be a main concern as it's fundamental to manufacture solid, increasingly secure networks. We should battle and work together to improve our reality a spot


Shamsuddin is Professionally in Energy Specialist as he holds numerous Corporate Advisory Positions ,Professional Affiliations ,consultancy work for companies and has given expert advice also led and delivered more than 50 projects(20GWe+) of Thermal & Renewable Power Generation Industries promote (HELE) such as USC/SC CFPP, CCPP, Solar CSP/PV, Multi fuel Fired (IC Engine based) Tri-generation/Quad-generation energy research, Engineering/Design, O & M, Commissioning, Performance Benchmarking knowledge transfer with Proficiency in Codes & standard(s) Including EHV/HV/MV-GIS/AIS (+35GVA). As a highly sought public speaker, he has delivered more than 200 lectures, speeches and invited talks in the last few years such as conference scientific committee member, OCM, scientific advisory board member ,keynotes Speaker , plenary lectures at international scientific conferences and contributed to numerous scientific research and its utilization in the world. He is part of the Sustainable Industrial Systems research group and specializes in the life cycle impacts of energy.


  • 15th World Convention on Waste Recycling and Reuse
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