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Editorial, Res J Opt Photonics Vol: 5 Issue: 5

The Future of Quantum Optics

Adonis kher
Department of Nanotechnology, University of Technological Sciences, France.

Keywords: Harmonic Oscillator, Maxwell’s equations

Consider that the universe is filled with light and matter. How do these two constituents interact? Don’t forget optics. That’s the take a look at of mild and the way it may be manipulated and converted. All the factors which might be used in optics must be understood. Phenomena together with diffraction, refraction, scattering and so forth. Take into account first that mild is a classical area, as defined via Maxwell’s equations. Then the quantum part is the problem, which can be atoms and molecules. At this stage we are able to deal with lasers and the interaction of laser mild with one of a kind quantum media. This would consist of widespread absorption, laser pushed coherent dynamics, nonlinear interactions which include 3 and 4-wave mixing. This is known as the semi classical regime, and is useful in an extensive range of packages. Next we quantise mild, which takes us beyond Maxwell’s equations. Here we’ll communicate approximately the quantum harmonic oscillator and display the way it applies to light with the aid of revealing the harmonic oscillator equation within Maxwell’s equations. This gives us a direct path to quantising the electromagnetic field.

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