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Journals on Population Genetics

The study of genetic composition of biological populations, and the changes in genetic composition that result from the operation of various factors, including natural selection is what is known as Population genetics. Population genetics is often regarded as the theoretical cornerstone of modern Darwinism. Journal of genetic disorders and genetic reports publishes articles on all topics that include population genetics such as genetic drift, evolution of mutation rate, gene flow and transfer, reproductive isolation, genetic structure, horizontal gene transfer, etc. Articles on population genetics are published free of cost and readers have to pay in order to read articles. The journal also publishes articles in open access which increases visibility and readership and spreads knowledge among a wider population. Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports aspires to carve a strong backbone in the field of scientific community by publishing the current and ongoing researches and discoveries in the form of high-quality original research papers, research brief reports, mini-reviews, and other special articles related. It is a novel initiative taken to assist the researchers in getting best publication across the globe, stimulating the scientific knowledge and learning. It aims to widen the reachability to every students and scholars.