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24 hour IOP monitoring - concepts & an overview including Triggerfish

Rohit Sharma

Queens Hospital Burton NHS Trust, UK
Sir Robert Peel Hospital, UK

: Int J Ophthalmic Pathol


Intraocular pressure (IOP) is still one of the most important modifiable risk factors for glaucoma progression. Hence naturally, the measurement, monitoring of IOP & its lowering by various methods (surgical, medical, laser) remains the mainstay of effective management of this potentially blinding chronic condition. Goldmann applanation tonometry remains the gold standard but a single IOP measurement in the clinic during office hours cannot account for the diurnal variation, nocturnal IOP profile & postural variations which have all been found to be important. Though many of these need development, the developments are exciting. Triggerfish (Sensimed), a contact lens sensor (CLS) is an exciting & innovative device to monitor the 24-hour IOP. Though there are some inherent assumptions and limitations of this technology, the potential, safety and reproducibility profile is very good. I have led the successful setting up of the first triggerfish centre in NHS England along with my team. The potential advantages as well as the limitations of this triggerfish technology & the other methods/attempts to address this unmet of 24 hour IOP monitoring will be discussed.


Rohit Sharma a consultant Ophthalmic surgeon working in NHS England. Received Clinical Excellence Awards from the NHS trust for his contributions & received Fight For Sight Award by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists London. Examiner for the FRCS Exams for the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Represents Royal College of Ophthalmologists London for conducting Consultant interviews. Interviewer for University Medical School & doctor recruitment in the NHS. Led "Listening in Action" work in the NHS UK, is a certified Quality Service Improvement & Redesign Practitioner, completed "True Leader" workshops & is a certified Risk Assessor. Investigation officer for significant adverse events & is on the teams for service improvement & business planning.

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