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A merger between the quantum physics of quantum field theory and the periodic table

John Owen Roberts

Independent Researcher, Former Open University Tutor UK

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


The mathematics of quantum physics from Quantum Field Theory using groups U(1)xSU(2)xSU(3) and the Pauli Principle produces two sets of time independent quantum states n(n+1) and n(n-1) where n is the principal quantum number. Oscillations between these states results in a one to one mapping with the Roberts-Janet Nuclear Periodic Table by interpretation of n>0 for condensed matter and n<0 for plasma prior to fusion. The mechanism provides a framework for periodic tables for every supernova by excluding mass number. A discussion of the occupation of s, p, d, f orbitals follows in which it is suggested that the Roberts-Janet Table is 5-dimensional.


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