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Adaptive scrambling technique hiding scanned documents in a digital media

Shakir H Al Ghamdi

Yanbu Industrial College, KSA

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


This paper introduces an efficient computer-based steganographic method for embedding secret information into images without producing noticeable changes. It’s a one-to-one matching between the pixels from the cover image to the pixel in scanned documents image. The proposed algorithm hide that portion of a scanned document which represents textual information and omit the background portion that would not offer us any useful gain either compressed or hided. There is no need of referencing the original cover image while extracting the embedded data from a stego-image. This method utilizes the characteristic of the human vision’s sensitivity to gray value variations from smoothness to contrast. The method not only provides a better way for embedding large amounts of data into cover images with imperceptions but also offers an easy way to accomplish secrecy. This method provides better results as compared to LSB replacement method where the distortions are spread all over the image. The proposed algorithm indicates that distortions resulting from the data embedding process are less noticeable to human eyes. Three different ranges with variable numbers of embedded bits shown at experimental work gives imperceptible results and distortions that observed in stego images are less as compared to conventional LSB replacement techniques.


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