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An efficient asymmetric cascaded H-bridge inverter for photovoltaic system

Zaouche Khelil, Talha Abdelaziz and Berkouk El Madjid

University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria University of Algiers, Algeria

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


This paper presents a single-phase seven levels cascaded and asymmetric H-bridge inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic system with non-linear power load. The asymmetric cascaded H-bridge inverter appears to be the perfect candidate for photovoltaic applications; thanks to its modularity, scalability and distributed maximum power point tracking possibility. However, the power mismatch from cascaded individual photovoltaic inverters can bring DC-link voltage drift, involving loss of the maximum power point tracking and reducing the effectiveness of the system. This paper, addresses this issue. The operations and performances of the suggested control strategy are verified by simulation using Matlab/Simulink software. The tests results confirm the feasibility and reliability of the developed control scheme. According to the authors’ knowledge, this paper is the first work which deals with the drift in the DC-link voltages, inherent to an asymmetric cascaded H-bridge inverter fed by photovoltaic sources.


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