Anti-Cancer agents developed from marine natural source

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Anti-Cancer agents developed from marine natural sources: A review

Renaldo Patrick Howell, Ch Nandini, K Purna Nagasree and M Murali Krishna Kumar

Andhra University, India
: J Pharm Drug Deliv Res


Malignancy is the most destructive sickness that causes genuine medical issues, physical incapacities, mortalities and morbidities around the globe. It is the second driving reason for passing everywhere throughout the world. Chemotherapy delivered various undesired and harmful symptoms. Marine floras, for example, microscopic organisms, actinobacteria, cyanobacteria, parasites, microalgae, kelp, mangroves, and different halophytes are critical maritime assets, constituting more than 90% of the maritime biomass. They are systematically differing, to a great extent gainful, organically dynamic, and artificially one of a kind, offering an incredible breadth for disclosure of new anticancer medications. The marine floras are rich in restoratively powerful chemicals overwhelmingly having a place with polyphenols and sulphated polysaccharides. The chemicals have shown a variety of pharmacological properties particularly cancer prevention agent, immunostimulatory, and against tumor exercises. The phytochemicals perhaps actuate macrophages, initiate apoptosis, and forestall oxidative harm of DNA, subsequently controlling carcinogenesis. Regardless of immeasurable assets improved with chemicals, the marine floras are to a great extent unexplored for anticancer lead mixes. Consequently, Chemotherapy and in addition customary treatment for the cure of tumor causes limitless unfriendly and dangerous reactions in this manner neglects to control the growth infection. With more than 60% of medications available of characteristic source, regular items can be viewed as the establishment of the pharmaceutical business. Despite the fact that as of late the pharmaceutical business diminished its action here, today regular item based medication disclosure is encountering a renaissance. Specifically, the marine condition, a rich wellspring of fundamentally interesting, bioactive metabolites, has delivered various medication hopefuls that are presently in clinical trials. In the continually extending look for wellsprings of new concoction differing qualities, the investigation of remote ocean fauna has risen as other outskirts in medication disclosure and advancement. Novel marine actinomycete got from profound maritime residue, for example, the Mariana trench (10,898 m), are a promising wellspring of new and unexplored concoction assorted qualities for medication revelation. Limit et al. have recorded a rough multiplying in the recurrence of cytotoxicity towards the P388 murine tumor cell line from a solitary profound water accumulation at a profundity of 100 m off Chasam Rise, New Zealand, contrasted with the normal action of >5000 shallow-water accumulations over a 13 year time frame. Remote ocean aqueous vents and icy leaks where supplement rich liquid leaks from the ocean bottom are host to large amounts of microbial assorted qualities that are at present being investigated as wellsprings of remarkable biocatalysts ready to withstand high weight and variable temperatures. This article deals with the recent findings of novel anti-cancer drugs from marine flora and their pharmaceutical products which have failed to produce the desired effect and whereas few have made their mark in the development of a new and novel anti-cancer product.


Renaldo Patrick Howell has completed his B. Pharm from Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the year 2014. His main research interest focuses on novel drug delivery systems, drug extracts from marine sources on cancer therapy. He has experience in handling laboratory equipment used for extraction and evaluations.


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