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Anti-cancer preparation Nsc 631570 and its efficacy in the treatment of children with various cancer diseases

Wassil Nowicky

Nowicky Pharma & Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute, Austria

: J Clin Exp Oncol


In accordance with the results of the latest scientific studies cancer cells have a more negative charge than normal cells. Thus many scientists and doctors try to use this factor in the treatment of cancer patients, creating the positive charged ions in tumors. NSC 631570 consists of positive charged ions of greater celandine alkaloids. After administration they accumulate in tumors very fast that can be seen under the UV-light thanks to the autofluorescence ability of the preparation. NSC 631570 is the first and only cancer preparation with a selective effect that has been confirmed by 120 universities and research centers in the world. The next indications were provided by clinical use, where NSC631570 caused no noteworthy side-effects. It improves patients general condition as well as regenerates their immune system which is important especially in cases of patients whose immune system has been impaired by chemotherapy and radiotherapy significantly. It is well-known that the immune system of children can be regenerated faster and better than the immunse system of adults. The studies conducted with the NSC 631570 in cases of treatment of 203 cancer patients with various cancer diseases, among which there were 16 children, have shown the results as follows: among adults there was a complete remission in 16.58% of cases, it was possible to achieve a partial remission in 62.57% of cases and for 20.86% of patients there was no influence. At the same time the results with children were as follows: complete remission 62.5%, partial remission 31.25% and no influence 6.25%. During the treatment of children with cancer it has also been proven that using the NSC 631570 brought a significant success in cases of treatment of children with such diagnoses as Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Ewing’s Sarcoma. The aim of the presentation is to pay attention of the scientific world on the treatment of children with various cancer diseases with help of the anticancer preparation NSC 631570.


Wassil Nowicky obtained Diploma and is the Director of “Nowicky Pharma” and President of the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute (Vienna, Austria). He finished his studies at the Radiotechnical Faculty of the Technical University of Lviv (Ukraine) at the end of 1955 with graduation degree, “Diplom-Ingeniueur” in 1960 and the title was nostrificated in Austria in 1975. He is the inventor of the anti-cancer preparation on basis of celandine alkaloids “NSC-631570”.

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