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Approach to wide aspects of end of life care in children

Mohammed Naeem

King Abdullah Specialized Childrens Hospital, Saudi Arabia

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Goal: The aim of this work shop is to prepare pediatric health care workers (HCW) to effectively conceptualize & define concepts of end of life care, identify the child’s clinical status, utilize effective methods of communications and interactions maintain a multidisciplinary approach, ascertain the child and family’s medical and psycho-social needs, execute a formulated plan and take post death steps as an ideal HCW Background: Over the last several years, advancements in medical care of complicated medical conditions like cancers and multi-organ failure syndromes as well as general public awareness of the basic disease processes has placed emphasis on medical community to be more efficient and be prepared to make correct transition from cure to end of life care when appropriate time comes. Overall, there is a gap among HCW’s comprehension, assimilation and swift formulation of line of action regarding realizing the needs of the patients who are approaching end stages of their diseases and as well as of their families. Summary of Learning Objectives: This novel envisioned workshop shall gear the participants to learn and practice the following: 1. Use objective methods to formulate a check list regarding patient’s current medical status 2. Use effective methods of communication to approach patients and their families 3. Identify the medical needs of the patients regarding end of life care 4. Identify medico-legal role of HCW in assistance of post death proceedings


Mohammed Naeem MD, FAAP, FCCP has vast interests and experience in care and development of children and adolescents. His passion gears towards constructing and implementing scientific models to improve systems targeting primary, secondary and tertiary care. His ideology takes a positive direction through his in-depth analyses and vision and further to explore multiple ways that would help understand the complex pathological phenomenon and planning to design and implement strategies to overcome these. His particular interest and expertise involves population of children and adolescents requiring intensive care. He had been utilizing his vast experience of research, clinical care, patient safety and strategic planning to ambitiously achieve his goals. Through multiple levels of participation in care and strategic planning relevant to diverse patient population, he had been very successful to make his contributions and judgments being heard and taken in considerations

E-mail: [email protected]

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