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Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices of women of child bearing age on cervical cancer screening in Boke Parish Lira district

Aribo George Gift, Ankunda Ivan, Enzama John and Okello Joshua

Laboratory technologist Matrix laboratories Arua, Uganda

: J Clin Exp Oncol


This study enrolled 800 women of child bearing age in Boke Parish assessing their knowledge, attitude and practices on cervical cancer screening. It was noted that all the respondents 100% had ever had heard of cervical cancer screening and more than half 66.67% through media messages. Results show that 57.17% of the women believe that it was unnecessary to do screening if one had no symptoms or signs of cervical cancer and further 67% feared being exposed to virginal examination. Most women preferred to be examined by a fellow woman. Much as many women were aware of cervical cancer screening, findings show that 82.5% had never had a cervical cancer screening test which was attributed to the services being out of reach to majority of the women. There is need to involve women in cervical cancer screening programming to realize improvement in numbers among those seeking screening services.


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