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Breast diagnosis and pathology: The consultant mammographers view

Dawn McDonald

James Paget Hospital, UK

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Consultant radiographers are a growing breed of clinician in the UK, carrying out roles that were historically only undertaken by consultant radiologists. Completing a master’s degree in medical imaging, and becoming qualified in all aspects of breast diagnosis including clinical breast examination, breast ultrasound, intervention, and film reading, consultant radiographers are fast becoming an integral profession in hospitals in the UK, with their ability to lead and deliver a service with autonomy, professionalism and competency. Initially some barriers had to be broken as there was reluctance to recognise the role, but with the current shortage of consultant radiologists, the value of the consultant radiographer has now become fully recognised. The four key domains of the consultant radiographer role are: Expert clinical practice; professional leadership and consultancy; education, training and service development and; research and evaluation. These are the key areas that we adhere to in our clinical roles. This talk aims to show the view of the consultant mammographer, and illustrates the clinical role with some interesting case studies.


Dawn McDonald completed her MSc in Medical Imaging, from Kingston University in 2008, and became a Consultant Mammographer soon afterwards. Working with the same autonomy and professionalism as a Consultant Breast Radiologist, she is responsible for all aspects of breast diagnosis within her unit, including breast interventional and film reading, and works closely with the surgical team. Currently, she is working at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth UK, and Imperial College London.

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