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Breathing massage PASTRIKINI undergarment for breast cancer patient

Mohammad Tariq Qureshi

GCUF, Pakistan

: J Clin Exp Oncol


PASTRIKINI was named from Pasties and Trikini collectively. Breathing massage PASTRIKINI with pad comprising of madar fiber developed in special condition influenced spectral effect whose direct application is not applicable so glycated extract indirectly used in another article of author ‘Glycated extract for milk quantity and milk quality’ to check the effect on nipple erecting while nipple retraction is a symbol of breast carcinoma. PASTRIKINI was designed with and without pad created a soft pressure on muscles, nerves, lymphatic nodes and genital organs for easy passage of fluids. The design worked just like physiotherapists locally for enhancing body itself to develop the immunity against breast diseases for breast patient. The main focusing of design is to develop pressure and to trigger signaling pathways that disturbed due to various factors of lifestyle, hormonal disturbance, and various social and biochemical processes. In this design, likely pastie, there are four flexible strips toward nipple connect with shoulder and abdomen diaphragmic stretchable belts that convey developed pressure and massage to primary genital organs likely trikini.


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