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Brushless DC motor controlled by neural network

Ahmad Taha Abdulsadda

Al Furat Al Wast University, Iraq

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


The aim of this proposal is to design a Simulink MATLAB (simulation) model as well as mathematical model of brushless DC (BLDC) motor and to control its position and its reference currents that feed the inverter. In the developed model, the characteristics of the speed, torque, back EMF, voltages as well as currents are effectively monitored and analyzed. The neural network controller will be used to control the position of brushless DC motor by changing the currents flow to controlling the average voltage line to line voltage and thereby the average line current. This technique will be most useful for many applications such as controlling of nano-CNC machine. Recently, BLDC becomes one of the popular types of motors which are being used in many applications especially in the locations which are far from the center of cities and town where we could not have the power lines grid, but we still have the natural sun light source and the solar cells. Generally, the DC power generated by the clean solar cells has a small current and does not have the capability to operate AC induction motor (three-phase). That is why the BLDC motor becomes popular today, because we can amplify the DC generator and inert it to generate AC energy which is enough to operate any type of three-phase motor.


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