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Complications in biliopancreatic surgery

Vincenzo Neri

University of Foggia, Italy

: J Clin Exp Oncol


The complications of biliopancreatic surgery have a very variable range of incidence showing surgical procedures with low incidence of complications such as simple cholecystectomy and complex or very complex procedures such as pancreatic resections followed by high incidence of postoperative complications. The purpose of this editorial is to examine a number of specific complications unique to biliopancreatic surgery such as: Pancreatic fistula in relation to the different types of pancreatic digestive anastomosis and biliary injuries after biliary surgery. Pancreatic and biliary surgical complications include a large range of conditions with overlapping clinical presentations and diverse therapeutic choices. The true incidence of pancreatic and biliary complications is difficult to determine due to selection and reporting bias. The treatment of these complications continues to evolve and patients may require endoscopic, surgical and/or percutaneous techniques.


Vincenzo Neri has completed his graduation in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bari. He is a Full Professor of General Surgery in the Medical School of the University of Foggia. He is the Director of the Residency School of General Surgery and Department of General Surgery. He was the President of Medicine and Surgery degree course (1996 to 2002) and the Director of Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Foggia (2002 to 2008). He is the author of more than 330 scientific paper in national and international journals and chapters of books. His research interest is hepatobiliopancreatic surgery. He is a Member of scientific societies: SIC, IHPBA, AISP, EASL, NESA and SLS.

E-mail: [email protected]

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