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Critical care management of pediatric oncologic patients: To cure and to care

Mohammed Naeem

King Abdullah Specialized Childrens Hospital, Saudi Arabia

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Aim: The scholarly activity shall present critical care aspects for the management of pediatric oncologic patients. Background: Over the last several years, there had been wide advancements in the Radiological diagnosis and overall management of pediatric oncologic patients. This emphasizes the need to have in-depth knowledge communication among various teams involved in the care of the pediatric oncologic patients. In terms of critical management, there are two broad dimensions for pediatric oncologic patients. First, to provide cure of the treatable conditions to pediatric oncologic patients apart from the underlying diagnosis. This includes respiratory failure, cardiac failure, sepsis, renal failure, neurologic critical care, metabolic derangements, post-human stem cell transplant, after toxic treatments, after cardiac arrest. Secondly, to provide care to pediatric oncologic patients if the underlying condition is not curable for example whether the patient needs palliative care or hospice care, what would be a most appropriate setting to manage the patients and other relevant issues. Conclusion: This activity targets to bridge knowledge gaps and to bring various teams involved in the care of pediatric oncologic patients at the same basic awareness. At the end of this activity, the participants shall have wide knowledge about the critical situations encountered in the care of pediatric oncologic patients and to learn the ways to overcome the wide range of situations through available diagnostic modalities, management options, and psychosocial techniques.


Mohammed Naeem MD, FAAP, FCCP has vast interests and experience in care and development of children and adolescents. His passion gears towards constructing and implementing scientific models to improve systems targeting primary, secondary and tertiary care. His ideology takes a positive direction through his in-depth analyses and vision and further to explore multiple ways that would help understand the complex pathological phenomenon and planning to design and implement strategies to overcome these. His particular interest and expertise involves population of children and adolescents requiring intensive care. He had been utilizing his vast experience of research, clinical care, patient safety and strategic planning to ambitiously achieve his goals. Through multiple levels of participation in care and strategic planning relevant to diverse patient population, he had been very successful to make his contributions and judgments being heard and taken in considerations.

E-mail: [email protected]

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