CyVOD: A novel trinity multimedia social network scheme

Journal of Computer Engineering & Information Technology.ISSN : 2324-9307

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CyVOD: A novel trinity multimedia social network scheme

Zhiyong Zhang

Henan University of Science and Technology, China

: J Comput Eng Inf Technol


How to comprehensively explore, improve and deploy multimedia social networks (MSNs) has become a hot topic in the era of emerging pervasive mobile multimedia. More and more MSNs offer a great number of convenient tools, services, and applications for multimedia contents including video and audio that users share willingly and on demand. However, concerns with digital rights management (DRM)-oriented multimedia security, as well as the efficiency of multimedia usage and sharing are meanwhile intensified due to easier distribution and reproduction of multimedia content in a wide range of social networks. The paper proposes a comprehensive framework for multimedia social network, and realized a cross-platform MSN prototype system, named as CyVOD, to support two kinds of DRM modes. The proposed framework effectively protects copyrighted multimedia contents against piracy, and supports a more efficient recommendation system for its better handling of the tradeoff between multimedia security and ease of use.


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