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Determination of microbial contamination of mobile phone earpieces as a potential for causing ear infections a risk to brain cancer among IHSU students

Emmanuel Kawalya

International Health Sciences University, Uganda

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Worldwide usage of earphones has increased especially among the school, college and university students who have a high rate of sharing among them. Unlike airline headsets, headphones and stethoscope earpieces can easily be a vector of potential pathogens that can give rise to otitis externa. (WHO/CIBA report, 1996). The ear infections as reported by the (NIDCD) estimates that approximately 15% of Americans (26 million people) between 26 to 69 years have high frequency hearing due to exposure to ear infections, noise at work and during leisure time. As of December 2012, approximately 324,200 people worldwide have received cochlear implants and in the USA about 58,000 adults and 38,000 children have received them too due to ear infection or defects (WHO Report, 1996). University, college and school students have a high rate of earpieces usage and were found of sharing them that increased the rate of transmission of infections from one student to the other in case of the users is infected or having ear infections. The rate of infection in Uganda was not documented neither the rate of infections due to sharing of earpieces at International Health Sciences University was documented anywhere.


Emmanuel Kawalya is a medical laboratory scientific officer with a vast experience in research and clinical laboratory practice for over twelve year practicing in accredited Hospitals and laboratories, started the medical journey at MENGO HOSPITAL Kampala (the oldest hospital in East Africa) in 2004 where he attained diploma in medical laboratory technology, then to African Institute of Social sciences A diploma in Business management and administration, enrolled for Bachelor’s degree in Medical Lab Sciences at IHSU in 2011, working with Mengo Hospital as Laboratory Administrator, currently enrolled at University of Liverpool for a masters in medical law 2018 and a member of Allied Health Professional Council Uganda.

E-mail: [email protected]

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