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Developing a street turbine for generative electricity

Samjana Gurung and Khagendra Acharya

Tribhuvan University, Nepal

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


Developing clean energy sources energy efficient system and similar ways of producing energy are gaining more and more importance and attention. Street pump has been conceptualized among for smart way of producing energy. This system uses piston pumps which are laid in the busy traffic road so as to utilize weight of vehicles to move the pistons inside the cylinders. Pumps operated in such way can be used to pump water and collect in a reservoir at certain height. The water in reservoir or tank can be used to generate electricity by the use of small turbine coupled with a generator and at the same time water can be repumped again. Electricity, thus produced, though in small quantity can be used to light, traffic light or street light or for other purpose which can be achieved by storing in batteries. It is convenient to do so, so as the rate of energy production is most likely be periodic and irregular. Producing electricity by using this system seem a little ambitious but it should be certainly be useful in pumping city drinking water which will save a lot of grid electricity.


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