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Diagnosis and management of breast cancer during pregnancy by multidisciplinary team - A case report and review of literatures

Mahdiss Mohamadianamiri, Majid aklamli, Seyed Fahimeh Shojaee

Iran University of Medical Science Tehran, Iran

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Background and aim: When breast cancer occurred during pregnancy or within the first year after delivery is considered pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC) Breast cancer during pregnancy is a devastating situation for the patient, her family as well as for the medical team. Providing guidance for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer during pregnancy, also we report a case and do review of literatures.

Case: Here we represent a 31 years old pregnant woman with low back pain who was referred to gynecology ward .she was 25w+6d pregnant. After work up it was discovered that she has a lytic lesion in her spine and we have done some workup she found that she has metastatic breast cancer with the pathology of invasive ductal carcinoma with metastasis to spine. After a consulting meeting by medical team (gynecologist oncologist, radiotherapist and hematologist oncologist and neurosurgeon)we terminated the pregnancy and put it on radiotherapy for the spine metastasis and systemic therapy. Also we reviewed 36 pregnant patients with primary or recurrent cancer of the breast was managed by outpatient chemotherapy, surgery, or surgery plus radiation therapy, as clinically indicated. Care was provided by medical oncologists, breast surgeons, and perinatal obstetricians.

Conclusion: There are no significant guide of patients in worldwide literature to develop standard protocols. Pregnant women must be followed by a multidisciplinary team and should be considered by each case depends on the gestational age and stage of the cancer.


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