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Digital x-rays an alternative to advance radiology in developing countries and its associated founding activity in the northern part of Nigeria

Innocent Ochai Sylvester

University of Nigeria, Nigeria

: J Clin Exp Oncol


X-rays have been a main radiological method of investigations for many centuries now its use has aided clinical diagnosis until the advent of sophisticated radiological investigations like CT scan, MRI, PET scan, clinical radiology records great advances lately on such fields. However, the funds in developing it has been a problem for much better advancement in the region hence the need for this study is to look for alternate sophisticated radiological investigation. The aim is to compare the outcome of x-rays findings in the clinical management of index cases. 50 patients were recruited for this study over a period of 18months patients were given questionnaires fill among which presenting symptoms was grossly emphasized digital x-rays were requested by the clinician with other investigation carried via CT scan, MRI etc. X-ray reports and other reports were collected independently the clinician findings were based on the independent radiological reports. Results collected 50 patients were recruited 39 had chest x-rays for various clinical reason 7 had x-ray paranasal sinuses and 4 had abdomen spin and pelvis, Same patients were subjected to sophisticated radiology investigation 98.4% of x-ray reports agreed to the investigation findings while 1.6% did not agree to the reports From the questionnaire 89.9% complained of expensive nature of the advance investigation because of the under founding community also the poor status of the people within the environment the analysis shows digital x-rays shows the diagnosis condition hence does not affect the clinician views and management plans for the patients. The advance radiological results give better results and extent of the disease but the financial strength of the patients halts the procedures and use of it


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