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Diversity of cyanobacteria from Lake Andraikiba Antsirabe (Vakinankaratra region): First public health risk analysis

Felan-Ratsimba Fanoro Tsiaranto

Halieutic Institute and Marine Sciences, Madagascar

: J Mar Biol Oceanogr


This study was conducted at Andraikiba Lake (Antsirabe, Vakinankaratra) in December 2017 till January 2018. It stands to physical and chemical parameters analysis, cyanobacteria’s diversity and the risk likely caused by species founding there. The lake is a volcanic crater and have 5 km circumference, 51 m maximal depth and is the principal water spring of Antsirabe town. Seven (07) genres of cyanobacteria were found there and have a stump toxin production as four of them were responsible of health problem leading to mortality in some countries. Andraikiba doesn’t have any bloom’s risk or toxicity but phosphor spreading by detergent and other mineral erosion are lake’s future problems. Some activities must be prohibited on the lake, and cells density evolution has to be followed for preventing sanitary security of Antsirabe consumable water.


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