Evaluation of co-processed excipients for Ezetimibe liq

Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Research .ISSN: 2325-9604

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Evaluation of co-processed excipients for Ezetimibe liquisolid formulation

Mai Subhi Khanfar

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
: J Pharm Drug Deliv Res


Introduction: Liquisolid technique is a powdered solution technology used to convert a liquid medicament into an acceptably flowing & compressible powder by physical blending with selected excipients. Materials & Methods: In this study, the Ezetimibe will be used with new co-processed excipients (compacted chitin magnesium silicate and/or mannitol & their physical mixtures) & compared to Avicel® PH101 & Aerosil®200 that were used in the original mathematical method of Spireas et al (1998) with the aim of having a novel multifunctional excipient that act as carrier, coating, disintegrant at the same time, thus reducing cost & drug excipient interactions. Results & Discussion: Compacted powder blends containing different ratios of chitin, magnesium silicate &/or mannitol were prepared using roller compacter and tested for their surface area, particle size & flow ability to be compared with avicel and then liquisolid compacts were prepared according to Spireas. For all prepared liquisolid formulation, interactions between the drug & selected excipients had been detected by a lot of techniques. Co-processing of excipients using roll compactor has a remarkable improvement in the flow ability, and compressibility of the powder. Conclusion: The best dissolution profile was achieved by using the compacted chitin: mannitol (20:80).



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