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Federated sensor clouds and spatial ambient intelligence

Adnan Al-Anbuky

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


Modern enabling technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing have opened up more doors for emphasizing the importance of the field of wireless sensor network. Research and development of concepts related to sensor networks are considering various modes of communication including cognitive networking, opportunistic connectivity and machine-to-machine communication. Areas like data and reality mining, cyber-physical systems and others with emphasis on spatiotemporal coverage started contributing to the analysis, monitoring and management of highly complex dynamic systems. With the need for integrating the multiple subspaces and multiple phenomena, these systems are centered round federation of atomic sensor clouds over the internet. These systems are driving towards the smart cities and what has been referred to as the planet nervous system. While elements of the concept have started taking shape, there are significant operational and optimization challenges that need to be addressed. The talk will provide key highlights to the large scale systems organization and the role of key acting elements in facilitating efficient services. The roles of sensor clouds and related big data, the internet and related IoT architecture and the virtual clouds and related services will be discussed. Examples taken from the experience of AUT SeNSe Research Laboratory and related collaborators will be used for demonstrating the various aspects of the system architecture. Furthermore, the talk will shed light on the future directions of these technologies as it contributes to the fabrics of Smart Cities.


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