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Fluidic analysis of milk channel in female breast with the help of ANSYS fluent

Muhammad Javaid Afzal and Farah Javaid

The University of Lahore, Pakistan
Govt. Zamindar College Gujrat, Pakistan

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Female breast reaches its complete practical capability through lactation with the milk production. There must be understanding of breast physiology and its anatomy to analyze the problems of breastfeed that ascend in lactation. Breast cancer (B.C) is the most communal invasive cancer in females and actually the leading reason of cancer. The progresses in screening and treatment have been established and the survival rates have been dramatically increased. There are three million females with the indication of breast cancer in America only. The chance of death from breast cancer is approximately one in forty. In breast there are tiny ducts (fluidic channels) which transport milk to the breast nipple. There is continuously increased resistance in the supply of milk. The resistance can be due to the cancer which generally starts with internal lining of milk tubes that supply milk. Supply of milk is gradually decreased due to the developed lumps and squeezing of milk channels in female breasts. In this research the resistance in supplying milk is analyzed with the help of ANSYS Fluent.


Muhammad Javaid Afzal has his expertise in experimentation and simulation software (ANSYS and MATLAB) and their use in biomedical engineering for evaluation and passion in improving the health and wellbeing. His open and contextual simulation software based on responsive constructivists creates new pathways for improving healthcare. This approach is responsive to all stakeholders and has a different way of focusing


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