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Ground effects of external forces on the sun

Smolkov Gennady Ya

Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russia

: J Phys Res Appl


A highly variable natural environment is effectively manifested in solar-terrestrial relations. Their study has so far been in crisis. To overcome it, it is necessary to take into account the impact on the Earth (along with solar activity and GCR fluxes) of the endogenous activity of the Earth caused by the gravitational effect on the Earth from the Moon, the Sun and other celestial bodies of the solar system during its barycentric motion in the gravitational field of the Galaxy, as well as disturbances solar system by processes and events of near and far space. Without this, the mechanism, energy, cyclicity, synchronicity, polar asymmetry, instability of the Earth’s daily rotation, jump-like and other responses of the Earth were inexplicable. The synchronous responses of all the Earth’s shells and the observed atmospheric layers of the Sun, previously considered “anomalies,” indicate an external effect on the solar system. A systematic study and an interdisciplinary explanation of the events of solar-terrestrial relations helps to account for all external global factors influencing the Earth and consideration of its geophysical, geodynamic and geological responses. Noted circumstances determined the article for review.


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