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How to safely & effectively treat hopeless advanced cancer patients

Yoshiaki Omura

Adjunct Professor of Family & Community Medicine, New York Medical College;
President, International Association of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Societies;
President & Professor of International College of Acupuncture & Ele

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Our research indicated that optimal dose of Vitamin D3 has following 10 unique beneficial effects: 1) significant anti-cancer effects without side effects, 2) marked decrease in DNA mutation which is proportional to the decrease in 8-OH-dG, 3) marked urinary excretion of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, single-cell parasites, & Toxic substances, including Asbestos & metals such as Hg, Pb, & Al, 4) marked increase in Acetylcholine in the brain & the rest of the body, 5) marked increase in DHEA, 6) marked decrease in β-Amyloid (1-42) in brain, 7) marked decrease in Cardiac Troponin I, 8) marked increase in Thymosin α1 (which has natural, powerful, anti-cancer effects & anti-inflammatory effects and enhanced immune system, 9) Thymosin β4 (which has significant improvement in circulatory system), & 10) anti-allergic effects. Although it is well-known that in uterus cancer, ovarian cancer, & breast cancer, Human Papilloma Virus-Type 16 (HPV-16) is involved. We found almost every cancer tissue has HPV-16 infection. In addition, some of the rapidly developed cancer patients, often find mixed co-existing infections of HPV-16, single-cell parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. Our recent research indicated that almost every part of single-cell parasite Toxoplasma Gondii’s cell has a viral infection of Human Herpes Virus-Type 8 (HHV-8). Therefore, most cancer patients have viral infection of HPV-16 with HHV-8. These infections are for some reason about almost same ratio of weight. When the degree of these infections are very high, in presence of other co-existing cancer-promoting factors, cancer can develop very rapidly. Among these important contributing co-existing cancer-promoting factors are repeated exposure of electromagnetic field (EMF), foods & drinks with undesirable contributing factors, harmful underwear, toxic substances or decorations directly touching the skin. Based on the analysis of these problems, we also found most of the eggs from chickens are also infected with HPV-16 & Toxoplasma Gondii with HHV-8. However, these infections only exist at egg yolk and egg white does not have these viral infections. In order to solve these problems, most safe & practical way we develop new method of treating various cancers by the combination of the following 4 methods: 1) Individualized optimal dose of Vitamin D3 using its 10 unique, beneficial effects, 2) Selective drug uptake enhancement method, 3) Manual stimulation of Thymus gland or its representation areas on the back of the hand, & 4) Identification & removal of co-existing major cancer-promoting factors. For example, in the early stage of cancer, when Integrin α5β1 as well as Oncogene CfosAb2 are always increased. In the early stage of cancer when Integrin α5β1 becomes increased about close to 200ng, standard laboratory tests can often confirm presence of cancer using the MRI or other imaging techniques. We use 8-OH-dG to evaluate the aggressiveness of the cancer. Usually, in early stage of cancer, it is 2.5ng. 8-OH-dG is proportional to DNA mutation. DNA mutation is necessary in order for cancer cells to grow. When patient’s condition is advanced & terminal stage, Integrin α5β1 is usually over 1500ng, with metastasis & 8-OHdG becomes 60~80ng or higher. In these patients, when we give individually determined optimal dose of Vitamin D3, for example, Integrin α5β1 of over 1500ng becomes 0.002~0.004ng within 30 minutes after taking individualized optimal dose of Vitamin D3. 8-OH-dG of 60~80ng or higher often reduces to 0.2ng which is within normal range. This significant reduction cannot be compared with many existing standard cancer treatments. Average effective duration of optimal dose of Vitamin D3 is about 8 hours. Therefore, the beneficial effects last average of about 8 hours and you have to take optimal dose every 8 hours. If room temperature is very high, effective time duration reduces to 6~7 hours. If more than 200~300mg of Vitamin C is taken, effect of Vitamin D3 will be completely cancelled. Any food or drink containing large amount of Vitamin C or a fruit with Vitamin C such as lemon juice or orange juice should be avoided. One optimal dose of Vitamin D3 also improves Acetylcholine in the brain & rest of the body. As a result, brain function including memory, concentration, & motor function improves very significantly, particularly for those who have low Acetylcholine levels of 1ng or less. Very strong infection of HPV-16 & HHV-8 markedly reduces from body from over 7000ng to safe range of 500~300ng and large amount of viruses are excreted in urine. Urinary excretion of each virus often increases to 2000~3000ng. Cardiac Troponin I significantly reduces toward normal value due to improvement of cardiovascular circulatory system. In order for optimal dose of Vitamin D3 to reach pathological organ selectively, the author discovered selective drug uptake enhancement method more than 15 years ago by manually stimulating accurate organ representation areas of the hand. In order to make immune system very active, manual stimulation of Thymus gland or its representation areas, particularly at the back of the hand which author discovered in 2017. This makes it the safest treatment without side effects but there are always multiple, major co-existing, cancer-promoting factors. Therefore, our treatment includes identification of major co-existing cancer-contributing factors & removing them. By taking optimal dose of Vitamin D3, both Thymosin α1 & Thymosin β4 increase significantly but additional stimulation of Thymus gland representation area, both Thymosins can reach over 100~150ng from normal value of 5~10ng which enhances both improvements in circulation as well as significantly enhanced immune system.


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