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Investigation of SiC 1200 V, 50 A; inverter with improved design

Oleg Sivkov, Martin Novak and Jaroslav Novak

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


The experimental results of high frequency SiC MOSFET inverter with the CCS050M12CM2 1200 V, 50 A; module applied to a permanent magnet synchronous motor are described in this paper. Two versions of inverter design are compared. The first version of the inverter is designed in the same way as for a traditional IGBT inverter. However it could not function at nominal voltage due to voltage ringing caused by parasitic inductances. The second version of the SiC inverter was designed in order to reduce the parasitic inductances. The inverter could function at nominal voltage 560 V. The voltage overshoot was also reduced by increasing slightly the value of the gate resistance slowing down the switching speed.


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