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Light relativity theory and mystery behind black hole

Navaneeth Krishna

Kerala University, India

: J Phys Res Appl


Relativity theory is one the most important theory which is inspired the twentieth century by Dr. Albert Einstein. From the general and special theory he concluded that speed of light is constant. But the recent collecting data and analysis of the combination of general and special relativity there comes a fault in the postulates of Dr. Einstein. So by the correction of that fault it forms a new theory of light and speed of light ‘c’ (cileritas). From the new theory of it the entire mystery of black hole in space has been solved. Prof. Stephen Hawking is one of the major theorists who put forward the formation of black holes in space. But he failed to prove how it can be. That major problem is also solved in the new theory of relativity. So the new theory thus proves Hawking’s prediction and assumptions about black holes and matters inside the black hole. From the subordinate part of new theory we could also explain the structure and dimension of space i.e space is 4D. So the string theory of multiple dimensions (10D) is proven wrong. Hawking’s prediction of hawking radiation is also proven in this theory. The new theory will provide more information about hawking radiation and it’s existence. The fact in this theory could explain almost all the mystery in the world of astrophysics. This theory is concluded by the fact that speed of light is not constant in space. It would be a negotiation of postulate of relativity theory.


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