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Neuromodulatory approaches for cancer pain management

Milind Deogaonkar

The Ohio State University, USA

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Pain management is an integral part of treatment of advanced cancer. With new advances in surgery for pain, we now have variety of options for providing long term, ambulatory and robust pain control. Neuromodulation has emerged as an important aspect of integrated cancer treatment. This talk is aimed at evaluating various options that we have for management of cancer pain, their indications, pros and cons, techniques and complications. The following neuromodulatory approaches are useful in cancer pain management: Intrathecal pain pumps, Spinal cord stimulation, Peripheral stimulation and Central nervous system lesioning like cingulotomy. Neuromodulation can complement in the care and well-being of a cancer patient by keeping them in control of their pain.


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