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New Cartesian physics about precocious transformations of plasma and quantum physics

Boris Dizhechko Semyenovich

Sterlitamak pedagogical University, Russia

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


New Cartesian Physics, based on the identification of space and matter of Descartes, according to which space is matter and matter is space, generalizes modern physics, eliminating the main contradiction between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. New Cartesian Physics transforms uncertainty principle of Heisenberg into the certainty principle of points of space, according to which an infinitely large pulse of force is required to separate one point from another’s. The formula of mass-energy equivalence New Cartesian Physics explains the existence of the pressure of Universe. It is expressed by the formula of constancy of the flow of force through any closed surfacet of space restoring it. New Cartesian Physics argues that space has two basic States: the violation of the constancy of this flow, equal to the product of the Planck constant and the speed of light causes the movemen mobile state of the physical vacuum and the stationary state of the corpuscles, which represent its rotational motion. Physical vacuum is the absence of corpuscles in space. The mass of the corpuscles in New Cartesian Physics is defined as the flow of a centrifugal acceleration caused by the three-dimensional rotation of its space. New Cartesian Physics recognizes the relationship between the Lorentz factor and the probability density of detecting an electron. Quantum properties of space arise as a result of the existence of the pressure of the Universe, which it overcomes when it reaches the speed of light. Heisenberg inequality thus determines the condition of photon emission by electrons, and the inverse inequality determines the motion of space, including in the nucleus of the corpuscle. Plasma it’s when the rotational motion of space inside the corpuscles receives an excess of energy that increases its speed of rotation above the speed of light, as a result of which it radiates it to the outside world in order to preserve the constancy of the flow of forces in the Universe. The sun is the center of rotation of the space of the solar system and since space is matter, it receives energy from the rotating galaxy, transferring it to the center by increasing the speed of rotation. Reaching the speed of light, the space in the center of its rotation excites thermonuclear reactions. Thus, organizing three-dimensional space rotation by applying electromagnetic fields, it is possible to create conditions for plasma stabilization.


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