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Optical coherence tomography assisted macular profile in high myopia

Raghda Faisal Abdelfatah Mutwaly and Mohammed Elhassan Ali Elawad

Alneelain University, Sudan

: Int J Ophthalmic Pathol


Aim: To describe the features of macular abnormalities in high myopic eyes using spectral domain optical coherence tomographer (SD-OCT). Patients and Methods: A prospective cross-sectional study was conducted at Makkah Eye Complex, Khartoum, Sudan in period from October 2014 to May 2015. One hundred thirty two eyes of sixty six young Sudanese with high myopia were included in the study and they were complaining of diminution of vision. The study was approved by the ethical committee of Scientific Research Deanship at Alneelain University, then inform consent was gave for each patient before clinical examination. Patients were informed that the participation was entirely voluntary. OCT examination for the macula was done using Cirrus HD-OCT - Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Results: A total of 132 eyes of 66 patients were enrolled in the study. The study included 36 males and 30 females. Their age range was (22 – 35) years with mean of 30.50 ± 4.56 years. The mean of spherical equivalent myopia was 18.66 ± 4.11 diopters which ranged from -12 to -25 diopters. The visual acuity ranged from 1.0 to 0.6 with mean of 0.78±0.15. Staphyloma was found in 54.5% eyes. Epiretinal membrane was presented in 34.8% of eyes. Vitreomacular traction (anteroposterior traction) was detected in 22.9% of eyes. Macular retinoschisis was found in 15.2% of eyes. However, retinal detachment and lamellar macular hole was presented in 9.1% and 6.8% of eyes respectively. Conclusion: Epiretinal membrane is common type of macular traction and retinoschisis is common type of macular damage in degenerative myopia. This should be considered as a separate cause of visual loss. Accordingly, it would be recommendable to perform high definition OCT macular images routinely for all high myopic patients to detect early changes.


Raghda Faisal is a student of optometry at Alneelain University, Sudan. She has published articles in several journals, international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of Optometry. Her research interests reflect in her wide range of publications in various national and international journals.

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