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Ortho-K - How does it work? How far can we get today?

Juan Bolivar Parra

University of Granada, Spain

: Int J Ophthalmic Pathol


In this talk, there will be an update in Ortho-K, showing the mechanisms of action of the lenses and how the hydrodynamic forces occur between lens and cornea work. It will be shown that it does not just work by pressing on the apex. The periphery is even more important. The changes produced after Ortho-K in the corneal epithelium will be shown through OCT images of real cases. The risks presented by this technique will be assessed. All current applications of Ortho-K will be exposed, not only myopia, assessing which patients can be applied at present and which refractive defects can cover, as well as where the Dp limits are currently. Special emphasis will be placed on the control of myopia in children, comparing it with other options, based on the scientific evidence published. Finally we will give pearls of how we can customize the adaptations in children, in order to optimize myopia control.


Juan Bolívar Parra received a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree from the University of Granada (1997). He is a Fellow of International Academy of Orthokeratology and Control of Myopia (IAOMC) in Budapest 2015 and member of Eurok since 2012. He is a Member of the Board of Spanish Section of the IAOMC. He is a Professor of the Master's Degree course in Clinical Optometry and Advanced Optics at the University of Granada. He had conducted over 70 graduate courses, including Course in Advanced Clinical Optometry (UEM). He has participated with papers and posters in different congresses (Eurok Budapest 2015, SAO 2016, Optom 2016, Eurok Iberica Granada 2016). For 14 years, he has run his own center in Alcalá la Real-Jaén (Centro Óptico Real). His areas of specialization are advanced contactology, especially ortho-K, highlighting for being able to customize the adaptations to be successful in cases that were previously not viable.

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