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Pancreatic cancer can be diagnosed early

Mohamed Gamil A Ramadan

Cairo University, Egypt

: J Clin Exp Oncol


Pancreatic cancer is the fourth cause of cancer death worldwide. Difficulty in early diagnosis is the main cause of its poor diagnosis. CT and MRI equally perform in diagnosis and evaluation of respectability of pancreatic cancer. Ultra-sound had a lower sensitivity and specificity. EUS is a reference method for diagnosis and staging of different pancreatic disease. At this time no major professional groups recommended routine screening for pancreatic cancer in average risk people. The aim of this study is to compare EUS, CT and MRI in early diagnosis of pancreatic tumors. 98 patients with various pathological types of pancreatic masses were enrolled in this study. They were examined using the three diagnostic modalities and compared to the gold standard which is the cytological and histopathologic diagnosis of a EUS guided biopsy. EUS detected 100% of pancreatic tumors even those smaller than 1 cm in diameter. EUS detected nodal metastasis in 65% of cases verses 37.5% in MRI and 7.5% in CT. EUS detected vascular invasion in 50% of cases verses 32.5% in MRI and 7.5% in CT. EUS and MRI detected hepatic metastases in 20% of cases verses 7.5% by CT. EUS has sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 75% which is the highest values among the three diagnostic modalities. Endoscopic ultra sound is a very sensitive method for detection and staging of pancreatic cancer.


Mohamed Gamil A Ramadan is the Professor of Surgical Oncology, Head of GI Endoscopy Unit, NCI, Cairo University and the Ex-President of Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology (EGSSO).

E-mail: [email protected]

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