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Postulate of the invariance of the light speed and arguments for its refutation

Gennadiy Sokolov and Vitali Sokolov

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Russia
VS Tecnologies

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


In the criticism of the theory of relativity, there is a clear tendency: most authors who criticize the General relativity recognize the validity of the special theory, and authors who try to refute special relativity, pay attention only to its "consequences" and everyone tries to refute the theory of relativity with the help of mathematics or logic, but no one tries to analyze the very basis of this theory, the postulate of the invariance of the light speed and the Lorentz transformation, since it is believed that they have been confirmed with the highest accuracy by numerous experiments and observations. If to assume that the postulate of the invariance is correct, logic and mathematics are powerless against the "consequences" logically flawlessly derived from this postulate. Only convincing optical experiments in which an observer moves toward a light beam and fixes a speed greater than C can to refute the postulate of invariance and the special relativity based on it.


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