Preparation and evaluation of Emamectin Benzoate solid

Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Research .ISSN: 2325-9604

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Preparation and evaluation of Emamectin Benzoate solid microemulsion

Bo Cui, Lei Feng, Dongsheng Yang, Chunxin Wang, Zhanghua Zeng, Yan Wang, Changjiao Sun, Xiang Zhao and Haixin Cui

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
: J Pharm Drug Deliv Res


The solid microemulsions of emamectin benzoate with the same content of surfactants were prepared in a self-emulsifying method. Emulsifier 600# and 700# (3/2, w/w) screened from 11 kinds of commonly used surfactants displayed great emulsifying properties. The re-dispersed solution of the solid microemulsion presented aqueous microemulsion characteristic. The mean particle size and polydispersity index were 10.34±0.10 nm and 0.283±0.013, respectively. The solid microemulsion showed excellent storage stability and the bioassay compared with water dispersible granules against diamondback moths provided a proof of its improved biological activities. This formulation could significantly reduce surfactants and is perspective in plant protection for improving bioavailability and environmental friendliness.


Bo Cui’s research interest includes “Fabrication, evaluation and application of environment-friendly agricultural inputs”. The aims of her research were “To improve the properties of agricultural input, including formulation function, efficacy, duration and environmental friendliness; construction of water-based delivery systems by increasing surface area of agricultural inputs to avoid using harmful solvent and enhance solubility, dispersibility and bioavailability of products and; construction of controlled release systems of agricultural inputs using environment-friendly materials as carriers to extend duration and decrease usage of agrochemical like pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.


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