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Quantum scalar gravity, general relativity, quantum mechanics, the life force and multi-dimensional motion of objects within a cosmic scalar flow

Timothy Fulton Johns

University of Temmessee Health Sciences, USA

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


The unification of Newton’s/Einstein’s gravity and quantum mechanics is still and has been long sought after. The search for a unifying quantum gravity theory is truly a missing element of a complete understanding of science and its attempt to explain our reality. So to find a theory that explains the connection of the two concepts of the macro and the micro scale of our reality is indeed an exciting prospect. The concept of dark matter as the predominant source of gravity of the cosmos and now possibly integrated with our baryonic world through acting as the substructure of morphic fields which form our reality is not only profound but is a total paradigm shift in cosmic perspective. I have found that the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory comes closer to achieving unification than any theory currently under consideration and the only one that incorporates the long forgotten misplaced life force that seemingly has been ignored in this quest. How could any theory that leaves out life claim to be a theory of everything!.


Timothy Fulton Johns is General Dental Implant Surgery for 25 years after graduation from the University of Temmessee Health Sciences 1978. He has his expertise in General Dentistry from the past 15 years and in Private practice at Knoxville, Tennessee. He is Perpetual student of science all of his life. He has published “The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality” the book in 2018 and Published Five double-blind peer reviewed papers on the Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory with The Global Journal of Science Frontier Research in links below in 2018.

E-mail: [email protected]

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