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Realization of the relationship between quantum mechanics and relativity

Mohamed Daris

University of Physical Sciences, Moroccoo

: J Electr Eng Electron Technol


Relativity and quantum mechanics remain two very binding things and are both separating either by method or by physical experience. In this section we will make an approach to better facilitate a connection between quantum mechanics and relativity that gives us a new vision on the fact that the two concepts can be related theoretically and experimentally to give birth to the new principles in the physical theory and to better improve theoretical and experimental research. The new conception of this principle develops scientific and technical research better. So, the author’ main goal is to link these two concepts in several directions that can help and advance the research in theoretical and practical physics and in nanotechnology. It takes us to do several researches that reinforce this topic in order to put them into reality with other discovery to strengthen research.


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